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Updated: August 28, 2017
~~~Webnovel downloader beta ~~~
Version: v4.8
Status : New Beta users are welcome
Video Tutorial:

These are scripts designed to work in automagic premium.
All the functions can be accessed using a simple widget.

* It's a private script to help make my reading experience better.... , which won't be made public. Only available to beta users(currently 16) who help with pointing bugs and giving new ideas.
1 click to add a new novel to collection
1 click to check for updates and Download new chapters
1 click to check novel updates rss and if there are updates ... Download!!
1 click to update epubs with new chapters or make epubs in case new novel added.
1 click to clean download notifications
1 click to clean html file cache after epub has been made
1 click to update scripts.

........... and lot more other features

If u interested... Comment below....

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    1. Indiboy Sep 9, 2017
      Sent the invite
    2. LastApril Sep 9, 2017
      Can i join?
    3. Indiboy Aug 31, 2017
      Sent u the invite
    4. Rimuru Tempest Aug 31, 2017
      Can you add me as a beta tester
    5. Indiboy Aug 18, 2017
      I can....
    6. shscs911 Aug 18, 2017
      Can you please add me to the Beta program?
    7. Indiboy Aug 5, 2017
      Anyone can apply for Beta Tester!
    8. Indiboy Aug 5, 2017
      Updated to Beta v4.8