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Nov 25, 1999 (Age: 17)
Nexus Void
Cheats Distributor and Protagonist Manager


[Cheats Distributor] [Protagonist Manager], 17, from Nexus Void

Always desiring more reads. Jul 17, 2017

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    1. CosmicInferno
      Always desiring more reads.
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      2. Hotato
        Good luck! There is alway the option of MTL
        Jul 17, 2017
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      3. Shem
        Goodluck o/
        Jul 17, 2017
      4. Axiel
        the reads you will get, it's the time you should be looking for
        g'luck o/
        Jul 17, 2017
    2. brasca123
      @hello , @Welcome to NUF !

      I hope you have lots of fun on this crazy place! \(^^)/

      Fun name, I wonder if the inferno is spread across the cosmos...
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      2. Carm
        Welcome to NUF~!
        Hope you enjoy yourself here!
        Feb 28, 2017
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    Nov 25, 1999 (Age: 17)
    Nexus Void
    Cheats Distributor and Protagonist Manager


    [Expanded Status: History/Records] {WARNING: DIVINE SEAL HAS RESTRICTED STATS}

    Name: Sakamaki Iori Lv1,382
    Age: ??? Male

    Races: High Human of the Equinox, Apostle of Axioms, Admin of the Nexus, Blood King Exalt, Dragon Born, Celestial Demon, Nova Deus, True Star Ancestor, ???
    HP: 173,698,500 MP: 310,734,070 (+∞)

    ATK: --- DEF: --- STR: --- MAG: --- SPD: --- AGI: --- END: --- INT: --- WIS: --- DEX: --- <+>

    EXP: 36,378,405,000/223,700,020,600 (+???/???)

    Contracts: Chief Admin of of Axioms, Absolute Inter Multiversal Nexus, Goddess of Truth and Victory (Verus), Forbidden Divine Blade of Ouroboros (Mitsuru), Genesis Slime of Etr (Yuu), Earth Spirit of Euphraxia (Niamh), Gatekeepers of Order, Demon Duke of Illusions (Michael di ser ), High Fairy of Faylinn (Elysia), Old God of Thunder (Indra), Frost Dragon of the West (Agnores), Flügel of Prudence (Lughe), Dungeon Core of Aurora City, Chief Griffon of Dark Forest (Sky), Vampire Princess of Babylon (Ruby Von Bloodfallen), Alpha Fenrir of Moonlight Plains (Ryu), World Tree of Alfheim, Rune Stone of Babylon, Holy Star of Beginnings, The Traveler, The First Source, +79 others

    Followers: 3,246,378,308

    Physical Condition: Healthy

    Mental Condition: Tranquil

    Soul Attribute: (UNKNOWN)

    Blessings: Fortitude (Chief God of Axioms), Hope (Goddess of Truth and Victory), Temperance (Lughe of the High Flügel), Prudence (Demon Duke of Illusions), Wisdom (Goddess of War and Strategy), Forgiveness

    Curses: Despair (Evil God of the Abyss), Hiraeth (Dark Void of Broken Souls), Fear (Nether King of Hell), Regret (Fallen Angel of Six Skulls)

    [Titles: Otherworlder, World Traveller, Chosen Apostle, One Who Preserves, God’s Champion, Summoned Hero, Keeper of Promises, Mistakened Evil God, Abandoned One, Unyielding Victor, Challenger of Fate, Returned Fallen, Golem Buster, Star Prodigy, Friend of Spirits, Enduring Soul, Wielder of the Cursed Divine Blade, Sword Saint, Enemy of Demons, Risen Betrayed, Grand Archmage,Tamer of Myths, Ally of Dragons, Lone Swordsman, Man Who Persists, Conqueror of Skies, Benefactor of Elves, Chief of Gluttony, Friend of All Races, Guardian of Children, Baron of Roselight Kingdom, Master Blacksmith, Duke of Vampires, Sage of the Four Storms, One Who Forgives, Follower of Verus, Teacher of Miracles, Tyrant of Thunder, Tempest Magus, Static Sorcerer, Warlock of Clouds, Peerless Undefeated, The Brave, Electromaster, Rebel of the Order, Unrivaled Challenger, Griffon Rider, Bringer of Fallen Kingdoms, Fearless One, God Slayer, Black Samurai, Creator of Legends, One Who Endures, King of Divine Beasts, Director of Aurora City, Founder of the Ataraxia Republic, Dungeon Master, Manager of Stardust Technologies, Lonely God, Famine Knight, Unchainable Soul, God of Clouds and Waves, Deva of Storms, Commander of Endless Floods, Bringer of Eternal Winters, Protector of the Ancient Forest, Nemesis of the Demon Lord, Knight of Conquest, The Polymath, Maverick,Genius Scholar, Father of Invention, Demon of Sun and Moon, Twilight Rogue, Problem Child, Lover of Books, Main Protagonist, Defender of Sonder Village, One of All Races, Child of the Nexus, Vanquisher of Despair, Sword God, Thirteenth Deva, Holder of Unknown, Master of Armaments, Possessor of Cheats, Master of All Trades, Seeker of Truth, Masked Mage, General of Victory, Death’s Killer, Successor of Pendragon, Strategist of Illusions, Chief of Vajra Clan, Legendary Enchanter, Dark Healer, Member of Elemental Elites, Challenger of Sins and Virtues, Astral Alchemist, +67 others]

    [Unique Abilities: Growth of Infinite, Augmented Reality, All Language Comprehension, All-Seeing God’s Eye of Verity, All-Despairing Demon’s Eye of Nightmare, Brain’s Matrix, Mind Zero, Accelerated Parallel Thought, Apostle's Prayer, Dimensional Dominion, Infinite Storage, Intelligent System, Skill Creation, Law of Lies, Unity Link, Nexus Support, Rule of Absolute, Sin and Virtue, Contract of Geass, Chains of Existence, Melody of Secrets, Wisdom Lord of the Covenant, Yggdrasil's Library, World’s Voice, Unchainable, Protagonist Soul, God Mode, Under the Demon’s Gaze, Words of Power, Love’s Promise, Instant Bastion, Immunity of Soul, Endless Paradox, Order Banishment, Armaments of the Endless, Usurper’s Hand, Gate of Life and Death, Awakening, Invisible Crown, Way of Mercy, Last Origin, Beyond Realms, Tree of Cosmos, Engage Evolution, Form of Myriad Blood, +39 others]

    [Skills: Weapon Mastery, Martial Arts, Sword Arts Mastery, Bow Art Mastery, Twin Dagger Mastery, Single Wielding, Dual Wielding, Body Strengthening, Elemental Magic, Spirit Magic, Ancestral Magic, Chaos Magic, Fate Magic, Cosmic Magic, Origin Magic, Dragon Magic, Space-Time Magic, Information Magic, Life Magic, Death Magic, Physic Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Ice Magic, Earth Magic, Metal Magic, Wind Magic, Lightning Magic, Light Magic, Darkness Magic, Holy Magic, Curse Magic, Electrokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Cyrokinesis, Aerokinesis, Photokinesis, Ergokinesis, Telekinesis, Enhanced Regeneration, Magic Sense, Spatial Sense, Sprinting, Leap, Warp, Dash, Blink, Fly, Curse Immunity, Magic Resistance, Physical Resistance, Mental Immunity, Poison Resistance, Paralysis Immunity, Abnormal Status Immunity, Mana Reinforcement, Mana Manipulation, Mana Absorption, Mana Dispelling, Chant Omission, Chanting, Throwing, Charge, Dynamic Vision, Keen Hearing, Marksmanship, Acrobatics, Stealth, Evasion, Coercion, Taming, Transformation, Disguise, Arithmetics, Sewing, Weaving, Cooking, Baking, Cleaning, Crafting, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Alchemy, Mixing, Compounding, Enchanting, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Painting, Acting, Liberal Arts, Gardening, Farming, Singing, Dancing, Musical Talent, Driving, Riding, Climbing, Education, Presence Detection, Survival, Negotiation, Persuasion, Gathering, Leadership, Conspiracy, Deception, Dismantling, Etiquette, Social, +88 others]

    Authorities: Equation, Devour, Gluttony, Release, Divide, System, Deprive, Starve, Famine, Storm, Hunger, Verity, Network, Matrix, Energy, Awaken, Consume, Digest, Question, Divinity, Conquest, Disturb, Blessing, Decree

    Domains: Aurora, Tempest, Cascade, Verglas, Levin, Ardour, Umbrate, Starfall, Equinox