Anklespankin making me laugh with his tilt

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    (21:50) "I am letting out so much aggression in my body right now, and screaming at everything feels so good actually" - Ankle 2017
    (22:05) "All the negativity has just left my body and now I'm just having a good time while getting angry." - Ankle 2017

    I'm doing this thread for all these quotes
    Starts the game with a messy hair and :
    (0:17) "I fucking suck ass with Victor!" :blobparty: "I just suck at this champion!" :blobReach:

    Chilling and gets some gold , saves his friend in the jg and get stuff done.
    Talks about previous game and how he lost, and staying alive being ganked a few times ...
    (4:45) "Another one. Come on. 'Come on' my face Trista-. No. Wait. Don't. No." :sweating_profusely:
    (5:00) *uses Ult (R button), and miss "*AHEM* Hmm. Mmm. That's just to show how cool that ultimate was." :sweating_profusely:

    Then, an enemy gank finally got him dead. (6:25) He's slightly tilting.
    Gets sad coz he's 1/1/1 and Jake, his friend is 5/1/3.
    Returns to lane ... only to get repeat ganked (7:49)

    It was at this moment. *TILT +1*
    Info : He explains his frustration after that

    (9:25) A wild enemy dashes in, and he's onto Ankle!
    Dies. *TILT +1* Quick recovery and passive aggressive intensify. :blobhero:
    (10:23) "We're doing something. Let's look at the bright side. ... sometimes, Video Game can be frustrating and sometimes that's how it is!"

    (11:30) *Enters teamfight "WOAH DUDE. 4 man stun! Good thing I do LITERALLY NOTHING"
    Dies again. (12:19) "You know what? Look at the positives! 1/4/4(KDA)!"

    Be pissed while being informative and then :
    (13:05) *A passive aggressive moment " ... gonna ignore that, go top, play with my own dick, cs it up until I can ... not play with dicks anymore ... :hmm: Who wants to play with dicks? If I want to play with dicks I'll be on PornHub, not LoL" :blobxd:

    And here ... the real fun begins. It's truly an amazing part of the vid that encapsulates this video.
    (14:15 - 16:10 )

    Quotes from after that :

    (17:01) *noises and hiccups "NO! No. *girl voice* noooo~ whaddoyoumean?
    (17:37) Him vs enemy? Who will win?
    (18:38) *Attempts to get a kill "No. Suck my dic-. I am ser-. I know you just got your appendix out Jake but I'm gonna put another one back in there so I can rip it out again" (Me : :notlikeblob::blob_coughblood:)

    (19:41) *Winning "No dude. Jake stop with your 20 kills dude. Give some to the less fortunate. The less mechanically gifted! But it's fine." :blobxd:
    (20:01) "And it looks like we are bringing home , the W(winner)" , while showing an L(loser) sign on this forehead
    After that was a small funny escape moment.
    Quotes from up above when I started this thread.
    (24:09) That voice, best if you hear it.

    I really enjoyed this video if you can't tell :blobxd:
    Can't believe I typed all this xD
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    The bromance is real.
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    if only all the players were like this :facepalm: but nope
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    It takes a lot of patience to not be physical with tilt. Tilting is almost painful when it seriously happens.
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    Every LoL game tilts me.
    There is that 1% chance i actually pair up with 4 ppl who know how to play.
    The basics:
    1. Stronger than them --> Fight
    2. Weaker than them --> Run/Git Halp
    3. Know how a bush works.
    4. Know how a ward works.
    5. ^ Knowing all 4 of the above will at least ensure u r at least Silver material.