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    I finally read it!!!! \(^^)/

    Took me way more time than it should... :sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely:

    I think it was really nice Action-chan! Anna was a really belieavable character and I had a few good laughs in at least 2 points of the story, it was pretty great! *hugs*
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    Theme: September 2017's theme: A Volunteer of Death
    Genre: Mystery
    Word Count: 1555 words
    Title: The Gun and the Toy
    Synopsis: He meets up with the mysterious woman who offered death.
    The Gun and the Toy

    I felt empty as I heard the bells of the church rang. It echoed throughout the whole area as if death has come. Indeed, death has come for me. Not in robes, not with a scythe but a gun and a bottle of whiskey. A killer with long blonde hair, chiseled face, and pale skin that made candy for the eyes as I stepped on the church and the graveyard flagstones.

    The Bell's ding-dong made my steps lighter. The pale skinned woman with long hair waited near the church. I ambled slowly as if this was my last steps to death.

    I had nothing at all. I don’t have any diploma or skills that could help me in the real world. I am a man who has given up in this world. And now I march at the hands of a beautiful grim reaper.

    This grim reaper of long blond hair has posted something absurd. She has announced on that printed paper that she will offer death to those who need it. The details were rather simple. She wanted to help poor sods like me who could not take the bullet or the blade to the wrist. I am a failure and I who had no courage now steps into this gloomy place to be killed.

    I accepted the proposal of this woman. She would kill me. But before that, she would hear why I accepted. She wrote it in one of her requirements. It was treated like a joke but I who had nothing to live for accepted it. I prayed for it and hope that she will do what she says. If not, then I might as well return home and wait for my death.

    I arrive in front of the woman. Her round eyes glance at me. She was pale and deadpan. She has this beautiful and cold aura around her that would make anyone swoon for her. If I wasn’t depressed, I’d say I would have my heart beat for her. Yet my vision, my monochrome world filled with gray could only see this woman as my hope for peace.

    I see the world as gray, lackluster, and lacking any beauty. And this woman right here gives me the color that I need. The prayer and the hope of everlasting peace through the death she will offer.

    “So you are the one that accepted my offer? Why?”
    I nodded my head and answered. “I want to die. Is that enough for a reason?”

    She slightly squeezes her eyes. “Yes, that is enough. But why are you willing to die?”

    “I have nothing.”

    She scanned me from head to toe.

    “You look really pale and unhealthy. I could see that you have not been sleeping. The bags under your ears, that rather reddish bump on your wrist, and your rough breathing suggest insomnia and lack of sleep. I could also smell of a typical prednisone taker on you, which means that you are taking steroids, and the way you walked here seemed to be rather slow and unsteady, your eyes were looking at me but at the same time, it was looking a thousand yards away.” She took a breath, “You looked like a hopeless case.”

    I grinned, “What a surprise. I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.”

    “Indeed...tell me though. Why die? Why not persist and struggle to the end?”

    She asked me. I thought for a moment, crossing my arms. I could struggle and indeed persist. But the way the world works and the way I have lost everything makes me think that I could not do it anymore. So I answered.

    “Miss, if you are watching a shitty movie you didn’t choose to and you hate it already. What would you do?”

    “I would leave.” She said.

    “That’s right you would leave.”

    “But leaving will waste my money,” she added. “So I might as well at least watch it.”

    “Indeed, that could be.” I smiled weakly. “But think of it this way. I hate the movie watching. I despise it and want it to end. I could choose to watch it with my eyes wide open. But what would only mean that I would suffer? So why suffer when you can just head to the exit of the movie?”

    “I see, so you are saying that you want to leave the movie you are watching right now?”

    ‘Exactly Miss.”

    “And you are here, knowing that I will provide the exit?”

    I nodded gently.

    “I see.”

    She closes her eyes for a moment and then spoke, “Do you want a bottle of whiskey first or a smoke?”

    “You have that?”

    She nodded. She then grabs the bottle of whiskey and handed it to me then searched her pockets. I expected a cigarette but what she took out was a cigar that seemed to be branded. I took the cigar too. I smelled it, and then chewed it before asking for a light. She gave me a light and then she stood still, watching me smoke the cigar and drink the whiskey.

    “Mind if I take my time?”

    “You can. I will be taking your life and even someone as hopeless like you deserve this.”

    “Hah, funny how my grim reaper is the kindest I have met in my life. It makes me really think.”

    “Is that so?”

    “Yes. Never was a person that was kind to me other than my mother or my cousin.”

    “Where are they?”

    I pointed at the sky.”

    “I see.”

    She became silent. I could see her hand on the gun. It was a silenced .22 pistol. Her hand was on the trigger already. Maybe she is waiting for me to finish as she would blow my head up?

    I chug the last of the whiskey. I chewed on the cigar while thinking of particular scenery. It has been long since I smelled the ocean. I remember an old harbor made of gravel and cement. Every Sunday I would go there along with my old friends. We would jump at the end of the harbor and race back to the shores.

    I remember that memory fondly. I also remember my first toy. It was an action figure of the Hulk. I carried that toy around for most of my days. And now that I think about it, it should still be in my bag. I searched my bag for it and it was indeed there.

    “Is that a toy?” she asked.

    “Yes, it is my first toy. Mind if I take it with me?”

    She didn’t reply. She kept silent with her head slightly tilted to the right. It looks like she didn’t understand me. But even so, I pocketed the toy within my body. I am taking it with me.

    “Are you done?” she said.

    “Yes,” I replied, patting the dust off my thighs and then standing in front of her without any trace of fear. I really don’t fear her. Oddly I should be scared but yet I do not fear. I could look the woman right in the eyes. Her stolid expression and her round eyes were so clear. Dying by the hands of this lady seemed heavenly.

    She cocks her gun. She pointed it on my forehead.

    “Are you sure about this?”


    “No regrets?”

    “I.” my head suddenly thought of something, “no, I have no regrets.”

    “Any last words then?” she said.

    “Thank you for doing this.”

    “I see.”

    I could feel her trigger finger itching. I close my eyes and waited for death.

    And then I heard a bang.


    I woke up feeling my forehead sore. I squeeze my eyes open and saw a paper taped onto my forehead. I removed the taped letter and then read it:

    “Dear Sir, although I wanted your life, your childish affection for your toy was rather fascinating. I wondered how a man can be so attached to such object and your willingness to take it to your grave made me curious. It was peculiar and strange. I did not see any fear in your eyes. The fear that I wanted to see for my first victim, it was rather dull. I wanted more and as such. I am changing my mind. I will be taking your toy and will be leaving my wallet and my gun. You can freely use all the contents of my wallet and if you choose to. Use the gun to yourself. But I will tell you this. If you want to die with your toy, then come find me. I will be waiting for you or would you allow yourself not to be buried with your toy I wonder?”

    The letter ended. I found myself dumbfounded, staring at the letter. I feel tears pouring out of my eyes, the whole letter. The absurdness of its content made me flabbergasted


    I shouted.


    I shouted. My eyes raged and flowed with years. I could feel fury and hotness flowing in my veins. My weak-willed body suddenly burst into a state of tranquil fury.

    “Damn it! Fine, if you want me to find you then I will! I will take my precious toy back and I will have you bury me with it!”

    I stomped on the ground. I then saw the world back in color. As if there was switch on my head that was turned on, I stride back to the gates with my steps heavier.

    And as I stride, I heard the bells of the church. My heart was beating lively and for once I felt alive. As if a mission was given to me.

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    Holy fuck, that twist.
    That was brilliant.
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    Theme: A Volunteer Of Death
    Genre: Mystery
    Word count: 969 words
    Title: The Secret of Death
    Synopsis: A psychology student named @Tony with her best friend started an investigation in their campus about the famous killing happening in cheerleading squad students. Will they be successful in cracking the mystery and find the famous killer?

    I was in our college department library reading some fantasy book tht my friend recommended to me. As I was absorb reading the important event of the story, I heard a scream.

    I frowned knowing that this is a library and knowin how scary the librarian when it comes to quietness, someone scream. As I think that someone will get scolded or worst, ban to enter the library, I look to where the scream came from.

    I notice some of students frownng and whispering to that place. Maybe the librarian was giving her punishment to the student but what actually welcome me are not some scolding nor punishment but a death of a female student bathing on her own blood. I actually want to puke because nausea. She's not only bathing on her own blood but her own eyes was remove, her tongue was cut into two, and her intestines was scattered in the bookshelves.

    What kind of person who will kill someone like this? He's a monster!

    After that day, the library was closed for investigation. The sanctuary I have is not available for the time being but... something happened.

    Just like in the library, another girl died in restroom. Her eyes remove, her tongue was cut, and she was naked were her lower part were crushed while her panty was inside her mouth.

    I am now afraid, this kind of killing is scary.

    Since then, I always have my pepper spray in my pocket. The government is now thinking whether to close the school for investigation and some family agree with it.... but the start just started for only a month and the school don't want the students to slow or hinder their hunger for knowledge (pshh! What hunger? We don't even want to go to school and you just don't want to bankrupt)

    But as months pass by, the killing stop but the investigator can't find the killer. What kind of slow investigation is this?! Anyways, the school and everything is back to normal or so what we thought when the killing started again and not only one victim but two!

    But one thing we notice. Those girls who died are member of cheerleading squad and the famous 'It girls'. Not only they are what men called 'beautiful' and 'sexy' but they are daughters of rich family. They are also nunber one bully in school so the detectives are starting to investigate all those they bullied and one of them is...... me.

    I was monitored by them. Do you think I can kill a person? Hello! Yup, I hate them but that doesn't mean I can kill a person. I can't even kill antonio (cockroach) of course I can't kill a human! What kind of mind do you have?!

    Anyways, my world was disturbed because of this killing so I started my own investigation. I ask my best friend. The number one gossipmonger in campus, she knew evey dark secrets the famous students have. Don't ask me how she do that. She's a journalism student and I am a psychology student, and the two of us started looking for the killer before he started his next victim

    "According to what I notice, the killer obviously hates them"

    "Duh! If he don't hate them, why who he them?" My friend rolls her eyes

    "Shuddup! Then what would be the reason the killer will need to remove both their eyes and tongue?" That's one of the most I notice. They have different in other parts like their limbs are remove, their intestines scattered, their lower oart are crushed but all of them have both eyes and tongue remove.

    "If I am the killer and I will remove their eyes and tongue....because they witness something I did and I don't want everyone to know this?!"

    My friends eyes lightens up. "You're right @Tony ! It should be one of our clue but... knowing the character of those bitches, there are lot of those they bully and blackmail. So, how can we find the killer?"

    "Aarrgghhh! This was actually hard!"

    "But don't you think, maybe.... just maybe, the clue might be in those body?"

    "Hmmmm maybe? According to my professor, those killer has a pattern when they killed and their behavior will show on how they kill a person" I remember on how the killer killed them. "Removing and scattering might stands for anger. The eye and tongue because some secret don't want to spilled. The panty was on the mouth of the victim and her lower part was crushed..... maybe because there was some s*x thing happened. A s*x video, perhaps!"

    "Then what was the reason of removing the limbs?"

    "Wasn't the victim whose limbs dismembered was the leader of cheerleading squad. Remember her face was some knife wound like the killer was actually jealous of her. Don't you think?"

    "Oh... you're right! Maybe, the killer was not a 'he' but a 'she'!"

    "Think about it, there is some jealousy, s*x, and blackmailing in this scene..... what was the behind of this?"

    "My best frien tilted her head then scratch her neck, "third party?"

    "Exactly! I think there was a third party where the CS (cheerleading squad) leader, her boyfriend and some unknown girl are connected to the killer!"

    After we were talking, we forgot that we were actually under surveillance that the policemen who was monitoring me heard what we've been talking and reported to his superiors.

    A week later, the killer was found on the process where she will planning to kill the CS leader boyfriend.

    The officials rewarded us for cracking the puzzle of this investigation and that they prevented another death.

    We don't know that this was actually the start of our exciting adventure that will bring color to our boring life

    It was my second time I join here and I hope that I made the right story this time :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: anyways, I am not good in mystery so I was hoping I made something interesting to read