Spoiler Summary from raws(arcs 10-16) ❤complete novel: Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

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    Highly recommended novel!

    Thought I'd share the basic info with anyone who is interested... no major spoilers though.. v can discuss that further if anyone wants... but I don't think it's necessary.

    all % indicate ease of understanding the MTL (for me)
    Couldnt understand Arc 12 & 15 properly, so skipped it... both arcs involve older times/xianxia ish stuff... so i guess thats what made the MTL tough to understand



    ❤ ARC 10 is a place where god exists & power=true prayer/devotion/love... u can almost immediately guess who is his lover . This ones a light read
    80-85% It is a slightly necessary wrt the MC's lover as it is referenced in the next arc.

    ❤❤ ARC 11: The ABO arc! Ppl are divided as alpha beta n omega... our MC breaks the stereotype of omega and its a fun read...
    90-95% u can totally read the raws. One of my favorite arcs!

    (ABO is also a separate novel translated by the same TL. A lil different & Unconnected though)

    ARC 12 is in a cultivation world (S level) and our MC is in dire straits from the get go! Luckily, his lover is also in this from the beginning and saves him :)
    20% @MTL is not recommended for this arc. I just read the beginning & ending cuz I couldnt understand much... the conclusion, like in ARC10 seems necessary for ARC 13 as well.

    ARC 13.. approximately 80%...
    The MC is a rich & lascivious IT company owner. It involves game designing + IP theft & legal rammifications + horrible ending for our MC's enemies! Lol!
    & Of course pursuing his lover
    SPOILER REGARDING EVERYTHING THATS HAPPENING. Im not giving details but it is an explanation from the 1st chapter of this arc .
    (the MC is sent back to the real world and v finally know that there is a queen AI who is also the lord god from all his lives. All the reincarnations are basically data in the virtual world.
    He then goes into the virtual world to find his love and also save the real woŕld. But saving the real world will require the other arcs...)

    ☺ ARC 14... 80-90%
    this arc is related to the piano & musical talents.. MC is a twin of the female lead and is adopted later by her rich family to harvest his heart..
    Minor SPOILER Alert
    It left me feeling really bad for 1 of the other characters... and somehow, he even got his own little epilogue! So that was quite interesting..
    nothing mentioned about him later on though.

    ❤ ARC 15... 30-40%
    He's a (gay)king in this arc. With wives n everything!?
    Skipped it cuz it was too tough on my brain... seemed interesting though

    ❤ARC 16...concluding arc
    back in the real world...
    The Queen is destroyed, the world is saved..
    the story is basically how the MC's trying to get back his lover & his memory... Ending is the birth of THE power couple..!

    Ah... I wish it never ended ❤ I love this series ❤
    P.s. the TL uploads the story in arcs... once a month approx I think... or maybe every alternate month... every arc has at least 9-10 chapters, with some having 13 or more... and they are of a good length too!
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    Damn It... I really like this novel... its already 9 arc in translation but its not enough *cried -and is arc 16 the end?
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    Yes, there are 15 arcs in total and “16” happens in the real world