1 hour of sleep and a complaint to the concertmaster + second chair


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Tis another gomi post. Each one I've made is a pure waste of time, therefore please refrain from reading this if you have better things to do! (Which we all know is the case!!!)

Haha... So about that 1 hour of sleep—

In my defense-! I had stayed up the night prior modeling a nurse outfit(?) in Blender and getting the basic workflow ironed out. This, coupled with my failed attempt to brute force my sleep schedule into order, skewed my system sideways and backwards. :blobdead:

I couldn't resist the youtube videos explaining westworld, matrix, and the handmaiden's tale. It's not the content I normally go for but I ended up caught in it anyways. Well, getting only one hour of sleep isn't the end of the world per se.

The real kicker for today was orchestra! For some reason, half the class dipped out today and with that half went the concert master and second chair. Now, this shouldn't be a problem for an orchestra that practices regularly and doesn't ride on the sound of others—

But you see... I'm in the orchestra for the people who don't care about orchestra. In the 1st violin section probably only the concertmaster and the second chair care about playing well (with an exception to my last semester stand partner).

So... One can guess what happens to a violin section that doesn't sound good and is missing its best violinists. But wait! There's more! Normally the second violins and the violas would practice with us, either because their part was relevant to ours or as noise to boost morale.

They had a sectional today. :blobpensive:

Now, why am I complaining about this? It's because I'm third chair. I had to lead the rest of us.


Moving on, I hope your day was wonderful or at least that it gets better. Maybe visit a shrine today and pray to a fox if it isn't? Ah, that reminds me about that fox-foam gomi product that was advertised last time. Gomy Foamy™ was it? I'd unveil a new gomi product but it seems the R&D folks have other stuff to chew on for now. As such, Gomi Ltd. has decided that a sale on all previous products shall occur!!

For more information, please visit the Db club's recruiter in the aether. Alternatively, you may visit the Db Club's VRC Branch.

Un ja, so what else to rant about...? Mmmm... how about my plans for today?

Ehh, let's see. World of Warships, Nekopara, VRChat, music theory, that nurse outfit I was working on, vocal training, sleeping for a minimum of 5 hours...

Un. Seems my day was decided from the moment my backlog of games reached 18-ish and that nurse outfit came into being—

Wait. I just remembered I procrastinated and held off a project or two until today and that I have a music theory test all tomorrow. :sweating_profusely:

New List:
World of Warships, Nekopara, VRChat, music theory, that nurse outfit I was working on, vocal training, sleeping for a minimum of 5 hours 3 hours... and a project about an African American scientist.


I think I'll end with that. Bell's gonna ring soon. Cheers!

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    1. blues86 Feb 17, 2020
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    2. Tilgarial Feb 17, 2020
      There is lots of trouble in life, but it's trouble because you care :'p
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    3. Bitter Sweet Feb 17, 2020
      Many thanks, I needed that! :blobrofl:
    4. Tilgarial Feb 17, 2020
      *lots of pats*
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