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1. Quora is a good place to see and learn the history in the world.
2. Also a good place when you want to ask a question.

Might post some more, but.
Anyhow, I am more familiar with NUF interface than quora or any website with Q/A. So, I am sorry if I occasionally ask question here.


    1. Anown Sep 9, 2017
      You have enlightened me. I did feel some weird feeling while reading throughout quora answer, but I just shrug it. Time to do some research again i guess?
    2. Tramsloof Sep 8, 2017
      Quora is not like what it was back in the day, it is dying everyday.

      People are asking questions like 'She dropped a pen, does that mean she like me?' or 'I have an IQ of 210, is it hard for me to goto Oxbrigde?'

      The writers are wannabe CEO's too, suddenky everyone is. If you look them up a little you find out that a man reselling goods on ebay from his home is CEO. People who are not experts of their fields are now more popular, and upvotes which determines what qnswer has more visibility are now given to celebrities even if they write shit, and not to people who deserve, making their answers burried. The real CEO's who do answer are more concerned about promotion of their brand than Q/A.

      The worst of all is those life coaches scam that have been running. It is a dark place, not darker than 4chan or reddit but at least they don't pretend or try to hide it.

      There are good paid alternatives to Quora though just not as popular. Yahoo answers were good back in the days too. The best right now, from my prespectove is 4chan and reddit.

      But its best ro specialize, ask questions on platforms that are known to be best suited for them. Ask a tech related question at a texh related platform, a relgious question at a religious platform and a health related question at a aimilar platform.
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    3. Cryotic Sep 8, 2017
      reddit and 4chan :sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely:
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    4. Anown Sep 8, 2017
      Not history actually, but people view all around the world.