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Scooped this webnovel and when I checked this, hmm, 16 positive review means... this is good? So, I give it a try,

- Reading 12 chapters -

*stopped reading, rub eyes, exercise a little bit, get some hot chocolate milk to calm self*

"okay, dumped"

, and that's what happened, that's escalate too fast, no?

The premise is about the usual template of class transportation and our protagonist is the usual lone ugly duckling (well in his case, deliberately) not fitting with the class, however, unlike the other protagonist who are excited, this guy is the opposite, as soon as he noticed the magic formation, he tried to escape from the class, he seemed to succeed but no, he instead arrived at the god room. Knowing he cannot escape, he started to sort what skill will he take to, but sadly, all the good stuffs has been taken by his classmates when he was trying to escape earlier, and he is left only with questionable skills. In the end the god gave all those leftover skills to him.

Sounds promising right? more over when the catchprase is,"You don't need cheat to be the strongest", you got to expect how the author will show us with those questionable skills. For me though, rather than plot, I'm more concerned with the serious big problem that I found when I read, the writing. The sentences, it's rambling prose, it's redundant, and moreover it's annoying. You can expect only 5 to 10 percent of the whole to be a plot, and the rest are supposed to be funny comedy/gag linesbut no, these are just horrible torture. The only problem it's not just that, there is another one and it is regarding names, Protagonist is bad at remembering name, the story is shown from his perspective, so the heroine names will be "President","Vice President A",""Vice President B", "B*tch Leader", "B*tch B", "B*tch C", "B*tch D", "Otaku A"...

Well anyway, putting aside all of the cons above, the story itself actually has potential to be a good youth-drama-isekai-adventure, therefore I will try to continue reading this to see any good points to add, that is if I can stand with the "torture"...

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    1. Juugunto Feb 10, 2018
      I'm the opposite then, as I feel that name adds charm and uniqueness to that character.
    2. Clozdark Feb 10, 2018
      hmm different people have different taste i guess,i like calling people with their strong character example otaku A, cause i have hard time remembering name.
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