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If someone asked me what is your first memory in your life?
I would answer it was the first time I told a lie.

It happened years ago when I was three years old. It was the time when my brothers were born. My father and I visited my mother in the hospital. I have a fuzzy memory of watching my brothers through the glass window and my mother in the hospital bed.

Because my brothers were born prematurely, they had to stay in the hospital for a few days, so did my mother. In the evening, my father and I went home by bus because he had to work the next day.

When we just about to arrive at the bus stop, I looked at the bus window to the dark outside. Suddenly I thought what would happen if my father went back to the hospital and leave me here alone in the dark, away from home. (That's because the night before my father had to accompany my mother to the hospital and leave me alone in the house with my grandmother) the distance from the bus stop to my house was about 15 minutes walk. But there wasn't street lamp and house nearby. So it's really dark. In my mind at that time, that distance was miles away from home. Therefore, when we just stepped out of the bus, I started to cry. At first it was a pretend then I cried for real cause I'm really scared. My father was confused and worried. “What happened? Are you hurt?” he tried to calm me but I just cried louder. I'm sure he didn't have any idea why his daughter suddenly cried. he continued to ask me. Then I said that my tummy hurt which was obliviously a lie. I though if I was sick, my father wouldn't dare to leave me. Then I asked him to carry me piggyback cause I planned to hold him tightly like a koala so wherever he go, I'll go with him. Then my father really carried me piggyback until we arrived at home. When my grandmother saw us, she was worried and asked my father what happened. “I don't know mom, she just suddenly cried.” said my father. I felt guilty cause I made my father worried. But I didn't regret it cause that night my father stayed at home. (duh, he never had a thought to leave)

Later, when I was older, an adult said to me: “ child, don't you ever tell a lie. Lie is a bad thing. If you lie you'll become a bad kid.” and I was like, oh no I was already lying in the past. What would happened, I don't want to be a bad kid. since then whenever I was going to tell a lie. I remember this event. unfortunately, I am a bad liar. My mother would tell at a glance whenever I told a lie.

These are facts about me, but there's one lie. Anyone who read this can you tell which one is a lie? I wonder am I still bad at lying. :blob_grin:
● I am a girl

● I am 22 years old

● I am a cat lover

● One of my resolutions for this year is to gain more weight

● My brothers are twins

● One time, I tricked my brother and dressed him as a girl

● I read and watched Twilight

● I used to think a baby come out from mother's mouth

● I also believed that snake eat berries

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    1. asriu Feb 13, 2018
      non non non
      all still lies
      ● I am a girl, nope futa

      ● I am 22 years old, + 2 millenia

      ● I am a cat lover, catgirl only

      ● One of my resolutions for this year is to gain more weight, height

      ● My brothers are twins, sisters

      ● One time, I tricked my brother and dressed him as a girl, see above

      ● I read and watched Twilight, da heck is that?

      ● I used to think a baby come out from mother's mouth, father

      ● I also believed that snake eat berries, ball

      ( ̄︶ ̄)
      lame right?
    2. blues86 Feb 13, 2018
      yup! @long2cool you're really cool! (y) I'm older. sigh, now I feel old. and @Clozdark, yes, it's the lie.
    3. Clozdark Feb 13, 2018
      well here it is 22 years old~ usually girl lying about age but i just hope it wasn't this one
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    4. Effugium Feb 13, 2018
      Is it your age then?
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    5. blues86 Feb 13, 2018
      hahahaha @Clozdark I am a GIRL. I guess your'e a guy, cause if you're a girl i'm sure you've found the lie.
    6. Clozdark Feb 13, 2018
      hufhh so guy in real life (g.i.r.l)
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    7. blues86 Feb 13, 2018
      @Blitz you're wrong again. I know how stupid I was to believe a baby come out from mother's mouth. Actually the lie is so obvious. And @asriu, there's only one lie. for @Clozdark, I really love cats. I have three cats now.
    8. Blitz Feb 12, 2018
      Its definitely
      ● I used to think a baby come out from mother's mouth
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