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I have no idea why I felt the need to make this blog.

Let's start off simple. Humans are selfish and greedy. It's part of our nature. No one likes admitting to that, but it's always there, lurking, waiting for a chance to rear it's ugly head. We emphasise on moral codes, but sadly, ours is a world where moral values are merely used as a tool for personal gain. If we go back into the medieval times, the code of honour for a knight...yeah. You notice how it didn't stop Mordred from rebelling against his own king.

Let's not go into politics, though. Something more fundamental. Something that's been present since our great x1000 ancestors, the first humans, the Homo Sapiens, they called them, existed. Something that's been worsening over the course of history.

People say that humans die to diseases most. That's rubbish. The biggest threats to humans are humans. We are a race that were born killers, and all these milleniums have only made us better at killing each other. From the prehistoric times where humans brained each other with wooden clubs, to the Stone Age, the Bronze Age...The crossbows of the Medieval Age, the muskets and cannons of the Renaissance today. Heat-seeking missiles, small arms, nuclear weapons. In the old days humans killed each other by stabbing. Today we kill each other with buttons.

And the thing is, for the sake of "security", more and more weapons are being built. No matter how strong or fit a human is, one bullet is all it takes to kill them. Yet we are researching on how to make our weapons hold more bullets, shoot faster, and kill more people.

And the sad thing is, more than half of the world thinks it's perfectly fine. That we'll never break out into another world war.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but bitch, please. All it takes is one trigger-happy person to start off that spark, which will turn into an inferno. I mean, we already have some prominent examples which I shall not name.

So yeah, I guess what I meant to say was this. Before you dismiss someone else's words as the ramblings of a lunatic, take a moment and think on it. Think about who the one living in a bubble truly is, because if you still think that life is all good, then you obviously haven't seen reality for what it is.

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    1. ChickenBakuba Mar 12, 2018
      honestly this post is stating the obvious ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you can't stop conflict
    2. Haxagen Mar 10, 2018
      Again, each year, humans clear out hundreds of species completely. We engage in activities that are of material rather than environmental benefits, and industrialization was a horribly good example of that.

      Statistics wise, it might not be the most, but death by human is still frighteningly easy. One can still get medicine for illnesses, one can still survive stroke by monitoring properly, but there isn't a cure for a bullet in one's brains due to some trigger happy gunmen.

      I won't ask you to accept my opinion, but at least it's better than a certain bunch that label me as a troll.
    3. Fluffums Mar 10, 2018
      "People say that humans die to diseases most. That's rubbish."
      It's fact. More people die to heart disease worldwide than to all human-caused deaths, intentional or not, combined. Strokes, too, are more common than all kinds of human-caused death - again, combined.

      People are overall better than you think - the bad examples just get more attention because they're bad. Not that I don't think humanity will destroy itself and the world, it's just that I think we're more likely to use up all the resources and end up with not enough plants and animals to sustain our population.

      At that point maybe there'll be a world war, but at least it won't be a nuclear war or anything like that.
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    4. Nino Sasou Mar 10, 2018
      Its just another countdown to human's demise
    5. Haxagen Mar 10, 2018
      Yep. And thus begins a new age.
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    6. Recouer Mar 10, 2018
      @Haxagen well it's only a matter of time before we cause our own demise because you see, the capitalistic approach that thrive for an unlimited growth is unsustainable considering the finite number of ressources we possess.

      thus it is true that in the near future, when the earth won't be able to sustain every human being on earth, either we take some drastic measures immediatly to lessen our impact and thus presserve earth as is, either we don't (which will be the case) and then, social discrepancies in the world will lead to riots, war and mass killings, just to secure your own standards of living.

      but if we don't kill each other, either we all die together, which would end our civilization (for a new one) or we start to organize our ressources in a way that is purely rationnal and amoral.
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    7. Haxagen Mar 10, 2018
      Still, we will eventually get swept up in a war, Alice. A global war where all sides lose.

      I recall that you lived in Brazil, right? Let me give an example then. Coffee beans.

      They are known as cash crops, because they sell for way higher than a same acre of grain, so most farmers plant them. The problem? When everyone wants to get rich and plant coffee plants only, where are they going to get grain? Export from other countries?

      Our resources are already cutting down at an alarming rate, especially the non-renewable ones, and there isn't much to stop it. Every day, more people are born, and more people = need for more resources.

      When we eventually reach that breaking point...well, war's the fastest way to reduce the number of mouths to feed.
    8. AliceShiki Mar 10, 2018
      *hugs Haxa-kun* Sadly... T.T
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