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I'm really creative and come up with story ideas constantly, but I'm clinically depressed super lazy so I never get started writing. I figured maybe if I share some of the ideas I've had and get feedback I'll be more interested in writing about them. Or maybe someone will steal the idea and I won't need to write it myself anymore. :blobsweat:

For no particular reason, I'll use the seven deadly sins to choose and sort stories because why not? I didn't really have sins in mind when coming up with them. Most of these are working titles and tags aren't set in stone. And some of the stories will be vastly different from the others.

My Wife is a Succubus
Genres/Tags: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Harem, Mature | Male Protagonist, Succubus, Strong Protagonist, Strong Love Interest(s), Pure love, Dwarves, Elves, War
Summary: The protagonist was born blessed: heir to a Dukedom, strong magical powers and the extremely rare Light element, and talented in fighting. There was just one problem: the girl he'd been in love with since childhood turned out to be a succubus. A normal man can't survive having sex with a succubus, so the protagonist sets out to become a Hero in order to make her his bride and even have children with her.
Extra Difficulties: It might be tough pacing the power-ups needed along the way. The combat scenes I have in mind, are they even useful for this kind of story or will they just get in the way? :hmm:
Side thoughts: Originally I was planning on this being a reincarnation story with a protagonist who'd died lonely in his past life and in the new life he wanted to make a lot of friends! And then misunderstandings would pile up and he'd end up with a large(?) harem of "friends". But the more I thought about it, the less important it seemed. Not the most Adult-rated novel I have in mind, by far. But it could be as Adult-rated as I want it to be. That's the charm of a Succubus as the main heroine. :blobokhand:

hungry ghost.jpg
Title: Journey to the East
Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Harem, Mature | Male Protagonist, Weak to Strong, Strong Love Interest(s), Werewolves, Vampires, Fox-girl, Modern Day, Post-apocalypse, Betrayal
Summary: The protagonist had a childhood friend with an unidentified grave illness, and it was expected she wouldn't live long past her 16th birthday. So, for that birthday, he gave her a ring and asked her to marry him. When she said "yes", suddenly, a magical contract was formed between the two of them. It turns out she was suffering from a curse of lycanthropy and magic deficiency, and the vow connected the two and let him share his magic with her. Now, in order to protect her, he'll need to work hard as a demon hunter... but will she let him just protect her?
Extra Difficulties: It starts in America and travels east(lol working title) through England, Atlantis, Africa, other parts of Europe, the Middle East, Russia (maybe), China, and Japan. I don't know a whole lot about many of these places, they just fit mythologically and geographically. Plus I think at some point I'd want to toss everything out and just write about the daily lives of the great animal spirits. Wolf and Owl are great. :blobpats:
Side Thoughts: The basic story from this one flowed so easily in my mind from the first sentence of the summary it was kind of scary. Basically the same kind of apocalypse as Shin Megami Tensei setting, only with more demons on the side of humans so things don't get quite as bad. Other harem members will compete for his magic power love, and I'm putting this under gluttony because his magic (and blood) are delicious to demons... If I write it, there's a good chance the other women will keep the relationships strictly platonic as long as they get their meals... And maybe not everyone by his side will be on his side, who knows? :blobwhistle: Though there won't be NTR of course. :blobtriumph:

(no appropriate male necromancer pics, so have monster girl encyclopedia's lich entry)
Title: The Reincarnated Necromancer's Troubles
Fantasy, Adventure | Male Protagonist, Protagonist Strong From Start, Reincarnation, Necromancy, Alchemy, Alternate World Transition, Game Mechanics, Class Transition, Little Sister
Summary: His goal was eternal life and limitless knowledge, but... becoming a lich wasn't as fun in his world as it is in Monster Girl Encyclopedia's World a bad idea - he wouldn't be able to enjoy the pleasures of life anymore. Reaching the limit of his lifespan, he found a way to fool Granny Meng and transfer not just his memories, but also all his possessions (including his most faithful servants) inside his soul when he went through the cycle of reincarnation. But, reaching a modern world, there was no magic! So he decided to study medicine and read light novels for inspiration in this life, enjoying peaceful time in Japan - until his high school class got transported to a fantasy world with game mechanics, and he gained the Healer class. Will he be able to reach immortality and support his classmates in this world without disillusioning his little sister who got transported with him?
Extra Difficulties: An end-game necromancer is seriously too OP, how could there be any difficulties? For him, I mean, not for the writer. This uses entirely too many cliches and I had to make a longer summary to get the important stuff in. Can I keep up tension if needed? Do I just abandon any pretense at tension and focus on slice-of-life fun? There's also the option of taking out the transition altogether. Also, people will for sure want to compare it to Death Mage at this point even though almost everything but *reincarnated necromancer* will be different.
Side Thoughts: My first thought was "I like necromancers". Then I thought "it doesn't make sense to become a lich if you want eternal life because, well, you'd be undead and unable to enjoy most of it". Everything else kind of tumbled along after that, including being mistaken as a healer and having a little sister to protect and try to be a good big brother for. This character is greedy and wants not just immortality, but a happy and fun immortality.

Title: How to Tell if Your Dragonslayer is Depressed
Fantasy, Adventure, Mature, Psychological | Male Protagonist, Dragons, Strong Protagonist, War
Summary: The protagonist was disinherited for being lazy. So he walked off aimlessly, looking for a good way to get killed since he was too cowardly to kill himself. "Ah, there's a dragon attacking those people." So he picked up a sword lost by a dead knight and was promptly half-eaten by the dragon. "... So why am I still alive? And why is the dragon dead?" The adventures of a depressed young man who inherited the dragon's power begin, despite his best efforts...
Extra Difficulties: None, really. I've had this idea in my head for years and I just need to start writing.
Side Thoughts: Originally thought of this as a kind of help guide/personal depression treatment. The story would have three parts, with the second part being How To Deal With a Depressed Dragonslayer and the third How to Save a Depressed Dragonslayer. My idea would be to write examples of warning signs (chapter 1: Suicidal Behavior) in the first book, ideas for how to handle them in the second, and then methods to help them recover or at least relieve the depression in the third - the story is, of course, generic fantasy with a possible romance, but no major desire to make it harem or Adult.

Title: Magical Girl vs Monster Gang
Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological | Female Protagonist, Child Protagonist, Strong Protagonist, Modern Day, Magical Girl, Gang, Drugs
Summary: Her beloved older brother was taken from her by a gang, and life was too hard for the young girl, so she tried to kill herself, but a goddess's plea for help stopped her. There are monsters roaming the streets, the goddess said, and the girl has the power to defeat them. She must become a magical girl and prevent more victims like her older brother...
Extra Difficulties: It needs to juxtapose gritty realism with sparkly magical girl action. Not like madoka, witch went all dark really fast, I'd want everything related to the magical girl action to be bright and colorful with everything else being dark and grey. Plus, I'd need to research gangs a bit more.
Side Thoughts: I got tired so I couldn't think up a better working title for this story idea. :sweating_profusely:This was inspired by a... really dark dream. The basic idea of the story is that, maybe she's a heroine of justice, or maybe she's just a crazy girl with a gun... or maybe the people she sees as monsters really can only be stopped like this, so she's both? I'd play it straight as her being a magical girl, I mean, but I'd leave enough leeway for people to be able to decide she cray-cray. I rate the difficulty level of writing this one highest, honestly; I don't want to write anything poorly but I don't think this could possibly work without more skill than I have.

Title: Evil Face
Adult, Harem(?), Romance(?), Psychological | Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Rape, School life, Student-Teacher relationship, Tragedy, Yandere
Summary: The protagonist looks evil. He tries to be good but he's not a saint, and when his own teacher calls him a devil, he snaps and starts playing the part...
Extra Difficulties: With heroines who aren't super easy and harem-happy, it'll be hard to write this, since it's full of secret relationships and non-consensual encounters. And a protagonist who isn't scum, so he won't seek harem... at first. I feel like the most likely character development will be in a bad(evil) direction and I'm not sure how much I need to prepare so people accept that yes, he's scary. Plus I can't really relate to the protagonist - it's harder to
Side Notes: This came out of Angel Densetsu and similar stories. If you call someone evil often enough, won't he start believing it? But developing this story enough to think "oh, I could write this" took longer because I don't understand hate/anger. And that's why I kept thinking about it; I was curious about why the main character would do what he did, and how to keep it from ending. So I might end up writing a lot of bonus BAD ENDs if I write this story. PLxIC it is not. Potential characters include... Yandere (and kuudere) teacher, Her little sister who is also student and does kendo and is a siscon, a flower shop owner who's involved with the yakuza (money laundering) and has a very young daughter, a library committee girl who's timid but has a big heart, a police officer who used to treat the protagonist as a little brother when they were growing up... It's a kind of a story where everyone will experience painful experiences, but I have a little feeling inside of me that says maybe things can turn out well somehow. And I'd want to write it so readers will hope things will turn out well for at least some of the characters.

Title: Calamitous Beauty
Fanfiction, Fantasy, Xianxia, Action, Adventure | Female Protagonist, Monster Protagonist (?), Beautiful Protagonist, Weak to Strong, Flowers, Yuri, Tragedy, Revenge, Touhou
Summary: A weak village girl, in the face of a horrible fate, had no choice but to run away. With a fortuitous encounter, she gained tenacious willpower and a chance to overturn fate... but life will get harder for her even as she gets more beautiful...
Extra Difficulties: Chinese themes, and I'd want a more flowery style of writing. It'll take time to adapt flowers and dances into xianxia abilities (worthwhile). Even if it's a fanfic, it's not exactly the same world as the original character, so I'll have to do all the necessary setting work *grumbles*.
Side Thoughts: Kazami Yuuka origin story fanfic. Even if it's a Touhou fanfic, readers won't need to know Touhou to enjoy the story, and (ideally) people who do know Touhou should be able to enjoy her gradually reaching her Lotus Land Story form. If a reader doesn't know wtf Touhou is, she's basically a graceful, gentle flower-loving lady whose favorite mode of exercise is genocide, and her ability is manipulating plants. And the game's creator described her with the term "youkai moe". She's literally a city-toppling... no, world-destroying beauty. Also, I'd like to take the opportunity to kill off lots of male xianxia protagonists when they do dumbshit and expect to impress this beauty, because in this story they won't have plot armor. Lots of death in general, but the xianxia tag covers that, right? Pride is the big thing in xianxia, but her face-smacking will be done less with words, and more with blunt objects. Preferably heavy ones.

Final Thoughts: Well, all the extra difficulties are nothing against just finding the energy to turn the ideas into words. It feels kind of weird how I can easily picture a scene in my mind, yet not be able to write anything down on paper my laptop. Even though I was able to write this blog post... Any tips/advice? Even just "wow your ideas suck just give up lol"? :)blobcry:) I'm seriously lost here.

Also tired. Why do I write such long posts? Do people even read them?:blobsleeping:

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    1. SorakaNii Mar 14, 2018
      @Fluffums That's why it's a bad idea. But for me, abandoning a plot you thought of so hard just to focus on one or two idea seems pretty hard for me to do. I like my stories as much as I like my girl, I am very attached to it. It's fine for them to be in a separate story, but at least make them exist on the same universe. (You can also do cameo stuff vice versa to enhance reading experience, with just that it's nothing all cliche).

      I liked the investment (of thought) you've given your stories, so as much as possible I'd like to see them meet.
    2. Fluffums Mar 14, 2018
      I did my best to limit the summary lengths to one paragraph. Maybe I went too far? I do have actual personalities in mind for characters other than the main character... and I don't really see a good way to put all of them together in one story. :sweating_profusely:
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    3. SorakaNii Mar 14, 2018
      They're good titles (I'll probably read all of them). But I feel like the summary seems a bit... cliche. Nothing seems new, probably because the main characters is the only one given a personality (summary-wise; most are just backstories)... so a bad idea... how about you combine all characters to a single setting? At least where they can meet each other, and be either enemies or friends? I hate the idea of having to abandon a character or a thought just to focus on the stories individually.
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    4. AliceShiki Mar 12, 2018
      @Fluffums *grumbles about the like limit*

      Oh, I haven't played UFO and TD yet, but I know the gist of the characters due to a good amount of doujinshis I read about them...

      Yeah, it can work out somehow! Good luck! ^^)/

      Psychotic Mahou Shoujos are... :love::love::love::love::love:

      Would be nice for her to have a dual personality too I guess, one that is cute and lovely magical girl, and a crazy psychotic girl normally... *giggles*

      I'm really loving this idea... Why does it have to look the hardest!? >.<
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    5. Fluffums Mar 12, 2018
      Haha, I like psychotic magical girls too. That might be why I like touhou so much. :blobthinkingsmirk: In this case even if she's a normal magical girl while she's in magical girl mode, she might still have psycho episodes along the way when she's not saving the city.

      Well, before UFO (the buddhist game) Ten Desires (the Taoist game) I wouldn't have really considered mixing touhou and xianxia, but there are plenty of buddhist and taoist youkai in Gensokyo now, so China's fair game. And Yuuka fits really well.

      As for the Envy story... Hm... We'll see! It won't be the first story I write, but it might be worth doing. I like putting myself in other people's shoes.

      Thanks for the feedback! :blobmelt:
    6. AliceShiki Mar 11, 2018
      I read your long blog posts! \(^^)/

      Hmmmm... Well, IMO...

      Having a succubus as the main heroine is quite interesting IMO, reminds me of how the MC of Chobits can't do snu snu with Chii, or her memories will disappear.

      Similarly, the MC wouldn't be able to have his time with the succubus normally, which could lead to quite an interesting development... In particular, the harem genre can make this great!

      The one he loves the most is the succubus, but the only one that he didn't make snu snu with is the succubus, I can imagine the fires of jealousy spreading like crazy on this harem!!!!

      ... Hmmmmm, ever read the Honey Crush manga? I think it can give you some ideas on how you can play with this... I'd say why, but I don't wanna spoil it... Still, I think this story has plenty of potential! \(^^)/

      Ah, well, I'm biased because I'm not that fond of combat stories, but... I think you should keep combat short on this one. Focus on the psychological aspects more IMO.

      ... Though I also love psychological drama, so maybe it's just my taste speaking... *shivers*


      I liked the idea, but I don't have much feedback/commentaries to give.

      If anything, I would keep the harem relationships as platonic (or scratch the harem altogether), since he did fall enough in love to propose to a dying girl.

      Oh, and I loved the pic choice! *thumbs up*


      I think this setting won't go well with Tension at all. Seems really perfect for a fluffy Slice of Life + Comedy novel.

      The fact that he is already strong and knowledgeable about magic makes it really easy for life to become a breeze unless you really force things to go badly... I think it would be better if you scrapped the tension aspect.


      Loved the idea, 0 commentaries, 0 feedback, go wild with it, it really seems amazing!


      A story about a magical girl that fights against gangs and or monsters because of a goddess' calling, while the reader is unsure rather it is all real or if the girl is nuts seems... Absolutely amazing.

      It would be even more amazing if she looked like a psychopath or something, like... With her as a psycho, putting her as a crazy character is already set, but the reader doesn't know rather she is an hallucinating psycho or a Psycho Mahou Shoujo... Would be pretty nice IMO.

      Alternatively, making her not a psycho, but as a more standard mahou shoujo also has its charms... Like, if you made her lose at some point and ending being raped and breaking down would be a pretty amazing development IMO, especially if she never fully recovered and became closer to her previous suicidal self or completely nutz... Or a psycho~

      Somehow I can't avoid thinking that a psycho Mahou Shoujo would be nice... >.>

      In any case, I think this has tons of potential and many possibilities for you to work with and develop as you see fit! Lovely!!!


      Not particularly fond of it, as just like you, I'd have a hard time relating to the MC...

      I think it can be nice, but I doubt it is something I'd personally enjoy no matter how well-made it was, so... I'd skip that if I were you, but then, it's my personal taste speaking here.


      Mixing Touhou with a Chinese genre felt blasphemous for me at first, but... I have to agree that it seems to fit Yuuka really nicely~

      At the same time, youkais cultivating feels plain weird to me, so... I dunno, it feels weird.

      The setting and the way characters will interact seems promising, but I just can't make the way power ups work look okay in my head...

      I feel conflicted with this one, I think it could work out nicely, but I'm unsure if I would like it.

      Welp, this was a big reply, I hope it helps! ^^)/

      @lychee, you should take a look at this too! Seems like the kind of stuff you like! >.<
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    7. Fluffums Mar 11, 2018
      @Gutzb4glory It's my fault for putting the most cliche ideas first. :sweating_profusely: I just did it in the order of the seven sins and it turned out like that lol whoops. :blobcheeky:

      @nomadgigio LDM protagonist isn't depressed, though? He's not even really lazy, he just likes sleeping a lot, and works really hard to make sure things don't go bad while he's sleeping. And he's right; you get the best sleep if you take care of everything bothering you before you go to bed. :blobsleeping:
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    8. Gutzb4glory Mar 11, 2018
      @Fluffums let me clarify, there are cliche parts in the summaries, and i apologize as i somehow did not read envy part (was half asleep) that is a pretty good storyline as i would read it. As for the swordmaster the cliche is a lazy op mc who doesnt want to do anything and for pride... just realized i skipped that one... anyway read it just now and its good. My bad i guess i am an awful critic :,(
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