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I just started 3d modeling a while ago and I have so much to learn. So I'll try (started days ago actually) modeling the creatures and places of Adventure Guild and see how they turn out. Anyone who know things about modeling, please teach me. (especially painting and rigging). Anyway, here's everything I started;

None of them Undergo [Smooth Vertex] treatment, . And don't ask why they were naked. I'll dress them soon.

Anyway, I've already experimented on them with a multires and they'll turn out a lot better when sculpted. For now, I want to study animation and I don't know how much a poor CPU render could manage. These are incredibly low poly. (No over 700 poly)


    1. SorakaNii Mar 14, 2018
      I don't like tutorials that much since they seem to be a one time thing, that after finishing it, I'd probably be self fulfilled and not do more modeling (I did the modeling an anime for my character, low poly and high poly, it looked good but doesn't really help much). Good job noticing that it was halfassly done though xD.

      That said, I don't really want to ruin my flow and pace after being aware of few things. Also I want to get a wider scope on 3D itself so I'm rushing things up until animation, and rigging which even until now I have no idea how to. I'll just go back and troubleshoot them if they wont do well in 3D. (most probably the fox and jackal that I did 3 days ago. Also, I am mostly a programmer, so I've never went that route before). I'll watch tutorials after I get a good grasp in 3D (best strategy since I am probably aware of the basics by that time)
    2. Tiber Winter Mar 13, 2018
      Good Progress for only a few days I would watch some tutorials on shape modelling for the more human figures.
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    3. SorakaNii Mar 12, 2018
      No, in blender. I can't afford Z-brush/ It'll look better if I did tho
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    4. AliceShiki Mar 11, 2018
      Made in Z-brush I guess? I missed almost all of my Z-brush classes, so I can't help much... Still, looks nice, good luck! ^^)/
    5. The Everdistant Utopia Mar 11, 2018