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I never truly experience love. Mostly love only had come from me loving my family. Maybe that was kinda why my first love was with my cousin.

My first meeting with her was the worst since we met during the time i bullied a friend of hers. Yeah, i was roasted due to not being able to fight back her words which i kinda hate her then.

But i suddenly realised that she's been soneone whom would be tolerable to someone like me. I was a trash of a trash, yet, she seems so kind to even someone like me and i realised that i was slowly falling in love with her.

Then, after my brothers told me that she was my cousin, i suddenly broke down as i felt like it wasn't right. I tried to forget her but my love was now deeply rooted that i could only keep holding my heart at bay as i can only look at hee from afar.

But then, one day our teacher announced that she had to go to a hospital which i realised in the near future that she became deaf which i could only but felt deep reget i could do nothing for her.

A guy who feel for his cousin and could only watched as he could do nothing but stare from afar. I really am still a trash inside.

No matter how i changed, how i begun to act like her or even having to help people like what she does everyday. I'm still the trash that haven't changed from the day i first encounter her.

Now, this isn't like those romantic story of a hearbreak, nor those in fairy tales where they lived happily ever after, nor is this a cute love story. This is just a pathetic love story of a hopeless guy still falling for his cousin who doesn't even love him in the first place...


    1. Vyren Mar 12, 2018
      If this was the usual VN protag then you would have visited her everyday and slowly learn sign language to communicate with her.

      When I was like 5 I told my slightly older cousin I liked her and then I got my face smacked :ROFLMAO::blobpats:

      I don’t like her like that now since we were never really close but it still comes to mind from time to time.
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    2. ChickenBakuba Mar 12, 2018
      Cousin 0_o what

      But strictly speaking -- marriage between cousins are allowed, it's just incest which is firmly prohibited

      Also if you're posting this online under a username you use for all your other accounts be careful cuz ur cousin might stumble over this lol
    3. Nino Sasou Mar 12, 2018
      First love always a bitter story i guess