living with the pain



"Kuma chan \(≧◡≦)/ "「airhead」「nonsense speaker], Male
Blog Posts:
a new song was been out
no one knew about it
i open my dictionary
i write it
i tried to understand the meaning
i tried to understand the story
i erase it
i am tired to being hurt again
so i erase my mark for myself
and one day i will forget about it
i just hope i lost interest it
so i can erase it from my daily life
but the tone keep echoing
as serenade been playing
i jumped and flied too the deep of impression
end up tripped and get hurt when the reality bring me back
that it's my choice to erase myself

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    1. Emmyy Mar 19, 2018
      It said I already rated u ... didnt show up when I hit submit right now... It really had an emotional impact.. I give you 10 stars 5 isnt enuf..
    2. Clozdark Mar 18, 2018
      @Emmyy it need to be clicked ok to be actually rated.
    3. Emmyy Mar 18, 2018
      That was awesome.. thx!..I gave you 5 stars but it didnt show up.. Huh?
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