It's easier to procrastinate when there's an urgent deadline



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Sometimes I'm not sure why this is the case. :blobmelt::blobmelt::blobmelt:

There's something about the desperation of a huge exam that usually causes me to start a new novel or anime marathon, or translate a whole volume of a light novel the week before.

It's happened to me a lot in the past. :blobjoy: I'm sure a lot of people can relate too.

In either case, I have board exams on Monday. Thankfully, I haven't procrastinated too terribly this round, but then again, I have been doing nothing but board preparation straight for the past month.

Let's see if I can recall the number of "procrastination items" I've done for the past month:
  • I watched all of deathmarch and read the novel
  • I watched all of grancrest senki and translated a little of the prologue
  • I watched all of overlord and read the novel
  • I started reading a few other novels:
    • Sword bro (it's okay)
    • While killing slimes for 300 years... (dropped because I don't like yuri so much ;-;)
    • Your and my asylum (this one is good)
    • SAO alternative: Gun Gale Online
    • A few Chinese novels that I'm thinking of translating
  • I made a NUF farming game and did a lot of research on growing turnips and radishes
  • I started coding a NUF bot/dungeon crawler
  • I made a couple of random threads, blogs, and story idea plots

*nodsnods* Yup.... not horrible at all...........

Actually, when I list it all out like this... am I even studying really?! I've been doing dedicated board studying pretty much since February 27th, and it's about 1.5 months since then..... but at least all of this "distraction stuff" was fairly well spread out over these 6-7 weeks.

Also, I'm like totally in a shounen interest phase right now. XD

It's kind of interesting that my interests tend to flow through phases.

Like last fall/winter, I was definitely in a much more morbid/smut phase. I guess it's kind of inevitable that reading excessively mature things makes me feel especially morbid (yet engrossed), so I ended up with a [morbid] [you're all perverted] title on this account for a while. I 100% blame PLIC and BWA for turning my mood morbid/gloomy for several months, but it was a very stimulating psychological trip anyways so I don't regret reading it for the experience.

Anyways, I'm over that now, so instead I'm more back now on my standard bread+butter interests of politics, kingdom building, and games/economics/programming. Yay~

Romantic emotional status... hmm, yup, at a very low tide right now. Stress (school/work) makes my libido go down. I have little interest in reading lovey-dovey romantic stuff right now. Too bad!

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    1. doomeye1337 Apr 16, 2018
      For some reason, while I had that same thing when I was studying (procrastination urges whenever there's an urgent deadline), I haven't really had it since I graduated. Instead, it feels like the clients are procrastinating with their tax deadlines <.<;;

      Not gunna lie though, I still procrastinate about other things.... I really should get my butt over to my dentist to take care of some teeth stuff before it gets worse, but as long as it's not that much of a pain to deal with, I tend to leave it for later. Then again, when I do take action, I kinda go ham. A few years back I made like seven appointments within a month to take care of most of my dental issues in more or less one go.
    2. AliceShiki Apr 14, 2018
      Well, it was already on my list of stuff to start... Maybe I should give it some focus...

      Well, I didn't even finish Swamp Girl yet though... T.T
    3. lychee Apr 14, 2018
      @AliceShiki I've read enough to know that it has pretty strong GL undertones!

      You might like it!
    4. AliceShiki Apr 14, 2018

      *checks NU page*
      *checks Syosetu page*

      Ly-chan, you sure the killing slimes for 300 years is GL!? I found nothing saying it is! >.<

      Oh, and I can 100% relate, it's a lot easier to procrastinate when you are overwhelmed with stuff to do~