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Ismail Kadare - 3 Elegies for Kosovo.

1389, the Field of the Blackbirds. Two armies meet each other, and they are rather different...
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It's beautifully written. Poems in prose... The POV changes are interesting. I loved best the royal prayer of Sultan Murad at the end...

"...even a few drops of blood are enough to hold all the memory of the world."

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    1. sunshinensnow Apr 17, 2018
      Nah, I'm not Albanian, but I've been eyeing this book for some time! I finally got it and it was a quick read... Kadare is an interesting author. At odds with the authorities, he moved to France. I love rebels, somehow? +smiles+

      His analysis of the Balkan and European situation at the time the Ottoman Empire was expanding is excellent. His sense of humor is amazing, as he makes fun of all equally, in subtle ways, showing how fragile and at the same time precious relationships are... Somehow, the overall tone is one of hopelessness at the end, talking about vicious cycles and history repeating itself... It's simply beautiful. And I don't see it as a dark book at all! Rather.... as an eye-opener? +smiles more+
    2. Katsono Apr 15, 2018
      You're Albanian?