"Kuma chan \(≧◡≦)/ "「airhead」「nonsense speaker], Male
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When the crow stop hanging in the electric pole,
I realized the crowd noises already too much for,
Plugged the ear with headset,
Unplayed music guiding me to go,
So i tried to cross the pedestrian line,
A line where maybe i will see your silhouette,

I chased the sound of your voice,
It's going to be okay,
It's going to be fine,
Even my heart laughed my follish action,
I still moving foward,
Even my heart told me that they can't take a lies more than this,
I still moving foward,
To find you that no longer here.

As i tripped, i held my hand and wipe the tears,
"Please go away"
There's no happiness here,
"Please found a new love"
So i can selfishly give up,

If i tried to life a bit better before,
Maybe God will scold me,
They planned me to become an extra cast,
Not the main cast of your love,
I know,
I know,
My hardwork is a sin so they tripping me down,
The noises of laughing can be heard,
From the crowd that watching my failures,

It's embarrassing,
I want to forget,
But I mustn't forget,
I mustn't forget.


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