"Kuma chan \(≧◡≦)/ "「airhead」「nonsense speaker], Male
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I'm taking a break
Buried myself to the bed
I feel a little tired and need to take a deep breath
Inhaling a hope and breathing out my despair
Wherever i am going to sleep or stay awake
It didn't matter
I just keep inhaled the hope left within this room that filled with despair
Maybe if i keep repeating this i will go to faraway farthest dream

My school life memories,
My regret about future,
My precious love,
Everything about it
Just going to be traded with a new paint colors
Will i draw a beautiful maze this time?
And trapped myself in another gloomy world
It's a shame
It's a shame

"Living only to make a problematic mistake"
"The things that made of my existence is just an unsightly"
Clothes that wrapping my body
Bandage that wrapping my scars
Scarf that wrapping my voice
Violated by the monster in my dream
I knew what's the origin of that nightmare
It was a word that i am not being able to said

Waking up from that farthest dream
I will forgotten about it someday
And keep continuing living in this place
Repeating the cycles of hope and despair
I keep torturing myself

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    1. Clozdark May 16, 2018
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    2. purplemoon-exo May 16, 2018
      *hugs* *pats* *pats*
    3. AliceShiki May 14, 2018
      *hugs* Ganbatte Cloz-kun... Ganbatte...

      I think I already felt like that once... I'm scared I might feel like that again... It's a scary thought... Work hard! >.<
    4. Clozdark May 14, 2018
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    5. Emmyy May 14, 2018
      "Will I draw a beautiful maze this time?" Will you?
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    6. WhoCaresnovels May 14, 2018
      I like this poem! Was it completely spontaneous/straight from the heart? Sounds that way to me!
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