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"Kuma chan \(≧◡≦)/ "「airhead」「nonsense speaker], Male
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Doubt, was the only thing left in their mind
Today for sure,i am getting scolded again
Rejection, was the only thing that right about me
Tonight for sure,i am not able to sleep peacefully

The time told me that the seconds where i being with you is getting shorter.
In Sicknesses,
In Health,
Is it selfishness if all I wanted is to be with you a little bit longer?

Tomorrow,that may not come for me
Why I feel sad for meeting you in eternity
Yesterday,that may not exist
Why I feel sad for not meeting you in the first place

I'm sorry,i am coming really late
No matter how fast i runaway
I can't fast forward everything
Surely,when I arrived i will vowed again
In Sickness,
In Health,
I love you


    1. BB_Tensei May 17, 2018
      I don't get poetry, I mean, at all,
      Not that it is something to show,
      But you warrant a response,
      And I know we're not close,
      But I will be slightly forward,
      Toward your lyrical choice;
      Idealistic love is the same as prose,
      So is real love, even moreso,

      So in the bounds of words poetic,
      It sounds almost formulaic,
      To assault the heart of a foolish reader,
      With romance of this caliber.

      Have you nothing to say of other topics?
      I know I'd like to read about the absolute,
      The meeting of the self so resolute,
      And the vastness of the endless sea,
      Trying to engulf you and me,
      Or of the stars that are more than just lovers,
      Under whose faint unblemished cover,
      You don't meet anyone,
      Until the rising of the Sun,
      Forever more blasting brightness,
      On all our actual joy or sadness.
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    2. Tramsloof May 14, 2018
      Vows huh?

      John Milton's famous epic, "Paradise Lost", Book IX, lines 896-916, (Adam saying to Eve)

      (Some selected lines off course, despite my amazing memory I can't retain it all)

      "O fairest of creation,
      Last and best of all God's works"

      "Holy, divine, good, amiable or sweet"

      "And me with thee hath ruined,
      For with thee certain is my resolution to die

      Should God create another Eve and I,
      Another rib afford,
      But loss of thee would never from my heart,
      No, no, I feel the link of nature draw me:
      Flesh of flesh, bone of my bone thou art
      And from thy state mine never shall be parted,
      Bliss or woe.
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    3. AliceShiki May 14, 2018
      It probably is... Ah... Ganbatte!
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    4. Clozdark May 14, 2018
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    5. AliceShiki May 14, 2018
      Vows are scary... There are little things that hurt more than broken vows... And yet, we keep seeking them anyway... I wonder how foolish is this...
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    6. WhoCaresnovels May 14, 2018
      Oh you have an interesting rhyme/almost rhyme scheme going on. Very modernist of you :p
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