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All right guys, so I have a question. What would happen if a woman cultivated the sunflower manual? When a man cultivates this manual he has to cut off his you-know-what, which ends up making him more feminine. I don't know all the lore behind is a sunflower manual, however it's supposedly the most powerful cultivation method. Correct me if I'm wrong.
I believe there was a Chinese drama in which a female character who had given up being female cultivated it and became oubre feminine. I would like to hear other theories from the community, or an expansion upon the drama.
Thanks a lot guys!


    1. AliceShiki May 17, 2018
      They aren't deady dead dead, but I can count on my fingers the amount of people that frequently visit and reply to blogs.

      So... Expecting to get a reply about a question here is... Well, you'd need luck for that! >.<

      It's better to frequent the active sections of the forums for questions and stuff~
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    2. PandaDes May 17, 2018
      Well supposedly men can cultivate it, however, they would have to cut off their third leg and Family Jewels.

      Thx guys!
      Blogs are dead? That's a shame.
    3. m7vpc May 16, 2018
      My guess is that men would not be able to cultivate this manual.

      Imagine if there was a guy reading a book on pregnancy/giving birth. No matter how feminine the man was, it would be impossible to put into practice.
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    4. Ddraig May 15, 2018
      She would become a catgirl or a foxgirl
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    5. Totally Not A Clone May 15, 2018
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