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Kadupul flower* blooms at midnight*dies at dawn, Female
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Emmy opens the door feeling satisfied.. Her abstract sculpture she is working on is evoking a sense of whimsy she wanted..
She's feeling life is sweet..
Her friend just made her laugh texting her a ridiculously funny gif..
She is a sucker for a funny one.
Such a carefree feeling right now..
As she enters the living room she is thinking WTF..
A familiar worn and dirty backpack leaning against the couch..
On the coffee table a bottle of Gatorade-Orange-his favorite..
What's that sound? The shower running?
I see steam exiting from underneath..
So you and your arrogance made yourself at home while I was out..
Didn't I get that key back?
Oh thats right through my tears I had said if you come back I will be here..
What was Emmy thinking?
No call.. No warning.. in my shower..
You know me so well my inability to say good bye..
That you are irreplaceable.. unforgettable
Always forgivable..
Oh the bathroom door is opening
Emmy hurriedly fixes her pony tail and puts on a nonchalant face
At least she hopes her face has an indifferent air
She tries to calm her rapidly beating heart with a quick infusion of he has alot of nerve.. be aloof...
He comes out shaking his wet hair and says I'm back...
He was always so unpredictable but irresistable..
That's it? Emmy thinks..
I see she says.. thanks for calling first
My phone died in L.A. on my layover
Was she quick enough to decieve him with her facade..
The twinkling in her eyes just gave her away she can tell by his expression..
I didn't leave you..I said I had to go..
I always see you..your face.. your smile
He grabs her into a wet and fresh smelling embrace..
I wanted to really see you tonight..
Hear your laugh.. share my adventure
You left me without a backwards glance as I stood crying in the doorway Emmy remembers so vividly..
He picks up his jeans and shoves them into the half opened backpack..
I haven't found what I'm looking for so I'm leaving again tomorrow...
I'm just here for the night and really missed you..
My mind says why?
My heart says I'm shattering again do something.. Emmy's heart is starting to shred..not again..
My mouth says are you hungry?


    1. AliceShiki May 16, 2018
      Uhm, that's enough, make sure to let his key only open your front door! *hugs tightly*

      Or well, change the lock of your door if possible... This kind of heartache... You don't deserve it, you definitely don't.
    2. Emmyy May 16, 2018
      @AliceShiki as always you are supportive and awesome:).. He is on his way to Peru for god knows how long...still has key to front door.. not my ♥ well.. maybe a piece lol.. I was firm on call first next time haha
    3. Emmyy May 16, 2018
      @Clozdark no he's a Horticulturist.. He left today for Peru.. He has wanderlust..
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    4. Clozdark May 16, 2018
      He back from military service
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    5. AliceShiki May 16, 2018
      Emmyy-chan... Get that key back... You can't let him control your life like this... You need to be able to move forward... If he takes control of you like that... You'll only end up suffering more and more... Please, it will hurt, but take control of your life again, it will only get worse if you let things go the way they are... *hugs tightly* Ganbatte...
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    6. purplemoon-exo May 16, 2018
      *hugs* *pats* *pats*
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