Before I Fall


Bad Storm

Blog Posts:
I reached for the stars
And ended up flying,
Before suddenly falling
Down to my demise

But it's okay
I chose to fly
Knowing that humans
Never had wings

So please, don't cry,
My bright and shiny little star,
This is my fate
And I'll gladly fade for you

I only have one wish though
Something I hope you hear
One final wish
One last tired shout

Before I fall
Before I fade
Before I disappear
Will you kiss me goodbye?


I never really was the poetic type. I'm not good with imagery and stuff. What I know is to write what I feel in the most appropriate way I could. But, the thing is, writing poems isn't just about me. By the time ink dries on paper, it becomes a character of it own. Writing gave me the freedom of imagining a world not my own and a person that couldn't be me. And, for the few minutes I write my poem I could be anyone I ever desired to be (even someone who could sacrifice oneself for love even though I never experienced one). :blobpats::blobwhistle:

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