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"The meaning of life is to forget about the search for the meaning of life."

That is one of the answers that some guy posted on Wikipedia and it really is getting to me.

I like it because it speaks true to what I believe; if you search for it then you're already missing out on something else

It's like ordering a deluxe set at a restaurant or something. You get the burger, fries, and whatever but you look for something else like some sauces or something. You keep looking for that sauce even though your meal is getting cold. Now you look for a waiter so they can give you an extra sauce but for some reason the waiters are busy trying to get everybody else's orders.

By the time you finally get the sauce your meal is cold and there's flies all over it. You don't order another meal because you could have just eaten the food without the sauce and if you do order another meal you might seem like a douche bag for not just eating what you were given.

Now you have to either eat that cold meal or throw it away.

If you don't get what I'm trying to say I'll say it like this; people get the amazing deal of life but they look for more. When they don't find what they need they look to a higher figure in need but that higher figure isn't there or they're just too busy too help you. By the time you get whatever you wanted your life might already be at the end of its course or you might realize that you don't need it anymore.

The meaning of life is to get at it instead of searching for the answer to your problems.

That's just my opinion and stuff so it might seem mighty stupid or it could've put you in a mood.

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    1. Fermi Jul 7, 2018
      The point is, there is no point. So choose your own.
    2. Tramsloof Jul 4, 2018
      I have thought and pondered on the question a lot.

      It's like this, normally. People don't waste their time on this or any other kind of philosophical question. At least the happy or busy people don't.

      Why? Because they are immersed in life. They are too busy to think about it. And some people, including yourself, think this immersion to be the answer to the question.

      While it's just avoiding the question in the first place. Yes the question is sad, because to reach it,my out would have to distance yourself from the immersion of life, but nonetheless it's a question.

      As for what's the purpose of life, the closest I have come to its answer is, it's to create. Create yourself, and change and influence things and people around you.
    3. Rustam Jul 4, 2018
      Don't search for the meaning of life
      Life is lesson you learn it when you're through
    4. Bad Storm Jul 4, 2018
      Don't you want to grab at that slight chance of turning your meal into something better?

      I agree with your point that we sometimes miss out on important stuff while searching for the meaning of life but that search could yield unexpected results at times. In my opinion, that could bring another layer of color into our lives.