Anyone know any good novels with a powerful and competent( badass) male protagonist (fantasy, sci-fi, web novels).



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Looking for a book or series with a badass main character. I like reading about powerful protagonists that don't take shit from people. They don't have to be overpowered or invulnerable. I just want a character that doesn't back down even when he knows he is outmatched. Could be a light novel, web novel, thread story, fanfiction or a good old fantasy novel, I'm game.

Genre==》fantasy,comedy,magic,supernatural, cyberpunk, action, adventure.
P.S: please no harem or gender bender tags.

These are some of the stories I've read so far;
(1)contractor by andrew ball
(2)forgotten conqueror
(3)demon accords
(4)kings dark tidings
(5) daniel black
(7) until death?
(8) the brimstone fantasy
(9) prince of thorn( a bit deus ex machiny for me but i managed)
(10) malazan( while it has so many things going on to just be about one thing, there are just some character's here you do not want to fuck with like uncle rake)
(11) memories of creature 88.
(12) kingkiller chronicles.
(13) dragon seed chronicles.

Well that's the much i can remember of the top of my head, looking forward to your recommendations and thanks in advance.

P.P.S: no need to mention ; acts of caine, croatan, hellquin chronicles , coiling dragon ( most xianxian stories actually, just coming off a binge in that genre), first law, red rising, dresden.

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    1. YES Loli NO Touch Jul 11, 2018
      interesting novel : 系统的黑科技网吧
    2. Daestro195 Jul 9, 2018
      Thanks, kinda new here and don't really know my way around, thanks a lot for the help.
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    3. Slayerwolfx2 Jul 8, 2018
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    4. Westeller Jul 7, 2018
      A minority of people read blogs and most will never see this. If you make a thread in the I'm Looking For.. subforum (just copy and paste this post into it), more people will see it. It'll even be briefly featured at the top of the main site - Novel Updates. ... You'll get many more recommendations that way.
    5. Tramsloof Jul 7, 2018
      It's not really the best place to post this petition for help. You should head to forums, and there on, go to 'general chat' category and post it there.

      You will receive a lot more helpful responses.
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    6. eminence grise Jul 7, 2018
      Kaladin from Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive seems to fit your bill.
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