Last Thing I'll Ever Say is I'm Sorry


Bad Storm

[Barely Alive] [Citizen#77060] [Dam Keeper]
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Can you imagine
The last thing you'll ever say?
Thinking death is much too far,
You'll probably say no

Unfortunately, you and me,
We're not the same,
Or so I hope
Because, right now,
I'm not really in a good place

Picture out the world
A sun, a moon, and the stars
Surrounded by clouds
Scattered in the skies
What a heavenly sight, indeed

Recreate the lands
Mountains, hills, island caves,
Oceans, seas, river lakes,
Littered with towns and cities
Occupied by humans
Home of beasts
Such a complex world was born

Now, what about my world?
It's dark and cold
But, it was vast
It still is
Yet it's empty
Terribly empty

Imagine me in this desolate place
Alone, lost, and unhappy
But somehow aware that
There's another world out there,
Just beyond grasp,
Just beyond sight
Simply, beyond

And so, I apologies
For being too weak
Too save myself
And reach out beyond
To that better world

But, I apologies more
For being strong enough
To bid myself
A final goodbye


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    1. Bad Storm Jul 11, 2018
      @Emmyy Oh, that was nice. Really like how you seemed to be a ball full of optimism.
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    2. Emmyy Jul 10, 2018
      I hope the last thing I say is, I love you and will wait for you on my cloud in the afterlife. I will watch down on you wishing you a happy life..
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    3. Bad Storm Jul 10, 2018
      @Clozdark Is that better than spending your whole life to atone your sins while living with regrets?

      I've always thought that if I'll die someday, all I'll feel is empty and free.
    4. Clozdark Jul 10, 2018
      Forgiveness and parting with regret is a beautiful end for life
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