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Wearing my nice guy hat
I smile lazily at you
My eyes held hunger
And lots of craving, too

Your every layer's enticing me
Wanting me to ravage you badly
But, I clenched my hands in fists
I'll see you later, my dessert, my feast

I run my tongue along my teeth
Pursed my lips to act as sheath
All muscles as tensed as hell
I'm such a wolf, can't you tell?

I want to touch that creamy skin
And kiss that luscious lips
But not yet, it's such a sin
So I content myself with tiny sips

Taking a bold step forward
To feel infinitely closer
Caressed your cheeks with my fingers
With a gulp, I still, I ponder

Why tempt me like this
I feel intoxicated already
You glide those sweet hands across my chest
Oh, dear Lord, please save me

I stared at your face
You stared at mine
As if in sync we kiss
Ahh, what sweetness? So divine

@Cian-Chan ....umm so I was looking for a cringy and cheesy love poem in my phone to help you, but this is the best I could find in a short notice. It seems like I'm not good with good love poems where there is a good ending since most I saw were unrequited love and stuff...orz.

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    1. Bad Storm Aug 9, 2018
    2. Cian-Chan Aug 9, 2018
      But I always viewed amilhs as a trap.(I even have an anime image of it in my mind). I can't help but think that it's too funny that the poem may come out weird. Anyway, maybe I can do something with this...
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    3. Bad Storm Aug 9, 2018
      @Cian-Chan Oh, I see. Then finish it at your own leisure.
      ... I think it better be amilhs cause I'm afraid I might come up with a weirder nuffian name. Hehe hehe
    4. Cian-Chan Aug 9, 2018
      I'm pretty busy with school these days so I don't have much time. I may start working on it on the weekend.
      When I saw the alert that you tagged me on the blog and then read it, I thought you were confessing to me.XD
      By the way, does the receiver really have to be amilhs?
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    5. Bad Storm Aug 9, 2018
      @Pandamonic lol, thanks. It's probably the autocorrect or how lazy I am to double check things haha.

      @Emmyy I suddenly remembered a cheesy quote...
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    6. Pandamonic Aug 8, 2018
      Ehem You're should be your. Don't worry I also confuse them myself. @Bad Storm
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    7. Tramsloof Aug 8, 2018
      @Emmyy how about these,

      "Like a broken pencil, life without you is pointless."

      "Don't tell me if you love me. If the answer is yes, smile. If it's a no, do a backflip."

      Again, in terms of poetry, I would like to quote Milton. John Keats would also do very well, but with Milton, I feel that surging energy.

      "Should God create another EVE, and I
      Another Rib afford, yet loss of thee
      Would never from my heart; no no, I feel
      The Link of Nature draw me: Flesh of Flesh,
      Bone of my bone thou art, and from thy State
      Mine never shall be parted, bliss or woe"

      Adam says the above lines to Eve in Paradise Lost. Note that he's saying these lines when they are both exiled from heaven, stripped off their beauty and immortality and all that was heavenly. All because Eve was ensnared by the serpent and then had Adam eat the forbidden fruit too. Yet, Adam says these lines. It's the very definition of selfless love.

      And I will admit that I am no fan of love or romance, but these lines get me going every time.
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    8. Emmyy Aug 8, 2018
      @Tramsloof 'A sky full of stars and he was staring at her' atticus the poet
      To me that is a romantic thought.. find a poem you think is romantic.. Challenge ! haha
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