10 Reasons Being A Fujoshi/Fudanshi is Fun



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  • You can fulfill your desire for romance in any type of genre
  • You can adore the plot from beginning to end
  • There's always something for everyone
  • If you look you'll find hidden gems
  • You can experience the excitement and the anxiety of the characters along with them
  • Being a Fujoshi/Fudanshi, you'll eventually start developing your OTP
  • Your imagination will bloom as well as your creative side when you happen to come across those absolutely terrifying CLIFFHANGERS
  • You'll become more perceptive to any Yaoi/BL scenes that you may have thought to be nothing but turned out to be that lucky
  • You can eventually evolve into an expert that can even immediately predict the uke/shou & seme/gong in both real life and novels/manga/manhua/mahwa/anime/comics
  • You can experience the feeling of having a bloody nose and maybe even fainting from the over-excitement and exhilaration of YAOI/BL!

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    1. Bad Storm Aug 10, 2018
    2. Alae Noctis Aug 9, 2018
      Even though I've read yaoi and shounen ai for a long time, I'm still not OP enough to recognize seme and ukes in real life.

      @Emmyy I guess imagination cause blood pressure rises at high tempo and the little veins in the nose can't keep up with their expanding in order to let the blood flow away, thus resulting in exploding?
    3. Pandamonic Aug 8, 2018
      No! Even if you work with the random novel generator and all your fujoshi friend you can't recruit me! *runs away*
    4. Emmyy Aug 8, 2018
      I have always wondered whats with the nosebleed?
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