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Why is writing so difficult? I thought I was done once I got 2300 words down, but then I read through it and saw how it was barely legible. It took me three days to write this trash. When did it become trash!? Writing it I thought it was amazing! Ugh. I try to cobble together the meanings of the words I wrote and patch them up. And then Once I finish with one paragraph I notice an hour has gone by. WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT!?

I'm almost done with a quarter of it, but then I notice a gigantic flaw in the flow of the logic of the story and have to think of a way around it. Do I just scrap everything, be done with it and start anew? No, I can still salvage this into something I'm proud of! This wasn't all a waste of time! After changing this sentence over and over again I fail to see a fix and then take a nap because of how fried my brain feels. I realized I only needed to add a single adjective to the original sentence to make it make sense. Am I stupid? But I found the answer as well! So only the past me is stupid! Right?

I finally move on to the next portion, If I finish it I'll be at the halfway point. Thank goodness this part was mostly comedy. Am I being lazy by relying on comedy so much? And even after I rewrite it to make sense, I still have to rewrite it again to make the words "come alive". What the hell does that even mean? WRITING IS A TERRIBLE PASS TIME! WHO THE HELL WOULD SUBJECT THEMSELVES TO THIS!? Reading was so much fun, so much easier. Not to mention how it took me hours to write my first sentence. Why is this fun? Am I a sadist?

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    1. XiaoYun Aug 10, 2018


      Believe it or not...
      This lazy bun took three years to construct a definite plot for a story...

      And I still need to divide them into chapters...
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    2. Emmyy Aug 9, 2018
      Sounds like you have a good plan ! Yeah I do think sometimes people can be too rough in their criticisms to new writers here without being constructive in their critiques. I have a friend who wants to write and I noticed Royal Road offers support to new writers editing etc.. Also other writers you can connect with also like a support group.. Check it out if you want or you might have already. Your plot sounds good.. Best of luck !
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    3. Silver Snake Aug 9, 2018
      @Emmyy The more I think about it the more I think I shouldn't make it public. I need to read some books before I can even endeavor to make part 3. I know the more work I put into it the better it will be. So I need to be patient enough and ask myself if it is everything that it can be. But yeah. Trying to write makes me respect anybody who writes at all far far more. I'll probably post part one in the community fictions when I think it's done, but since it isn't isekai I doubt anyone would be interested in it. If people don't hate it I'll probably release part 2 here too.
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    4. Emmyy Aug 9, 2018
      Sounds really good ! When it is finished are you putting it in Community fictions or Royal Road or somewhere ? I would love to read it ! I admire writers it is a very difficult task of write.. rewrite..write some more ! Good luck to you.. I will look forward to reading it !
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    5. Silver Snake Aug 9, 2018
      @Emmyy Well~, since you asked and not at all because I'm exploding with thoughts on it every second of my conscious existence, where I can't not think about it, even when trying to sleep all I can think about is how to make it better. And suddenly when I'm half asleep I lung myself at my laptop so I can make a memo for myself. The blue lights are like the sun to vampires for my fragile eyes.

      Oh~, what my story is about? Hm~. It's like a dark fantasy, middle ages. No one believes in magic or monsters, but they exist. It's dark fantasy but the first 2 parts have a really happy tone to it. I haven't written the 3rd part, but that one is going to be all about horror and mystery. The first part is an introduction to the world with the three mini-stories. The second part has much to do with a frog and a princess. The princess isn't really a princess and instead is just a regular village girl, but she is so beautiful every in the village drowns her in presents and praise. Almost to the point of being mind controlled sacrificing their own well being at the thought of making her happy. And the frog. Everyone thinks it's a regular frog, but in reality, it can speak. Oh, and its home is in the bottom of a well. I'm planning for part three to be about 1600 words. for a total of 3900 for this short story.
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    6. Emmyy Aug 9, 2018
      Im curious now..what is your story about ?