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Off in the field of a farm a farmhand can be seen toiling away. This was a job he would start at 5 o'clock every morning. He neither resented nor bored of the work he had to do. His father and mother always did much more since they were more capable in their older age, and he was never bored because he would always have wild fantasies during his more repetitious tasks. Yes, this farmhand boy was perfectly happy as he was on this day.

On that night the boy was eagerly preparing for sleep as all people tired from a long days work do. About to shut his eyes a white flash of light like a lightning bolt manifested itself within the center of his room. With the disappearance of the flash of light came the appearance of a man. He had dark tanned skin, gray hair covered his face all around and his beard hung half way to his hips. His garb was rustic and gave the thought of a Shepard in appearance.

To the shocked boy, the spontaneously manifested man pointed towards him, and with a sonorous voice that seemed to enclose the entire room said, "Young Arthur, you are to become the hero king," putting down his pointed hand, he lifted his other hand openly palm side up," Come, I shall guide you towards your destiny." To this, Arthur thought to himself intensely for fifteen seconds straight.

He said, "No thanks—I mean, thanks for the offer. I'm sure not many get it. But yeah... I'm good. I'm perfectly happy the way I am now." The wizard thought to himself for fifteen seconds as well.

The wizard responded, "What? What what what? This is unprecedented. All young men should be greedy and want their world in their pocket! Surely you want something, right?"

"Well, the only thing I want is something I'll never likely get, so I'm fine as I am."

"Out with it! What is this thing you can not possibly obtain? If I get it for you, will you become the one and only future hero king?"

"Well, alright I'll tell you. But you have to promise not to laugh." The wizard nodded furiously. "I would love to marry this noble girl in the upper district. The wizard burst out in fits of laughter, causing him to fall to his feet spinning on the ground. "Hahaha, a girl? When you become the hero king you could have your pick of the most purest, wisest, fairest of maidens, from all across the lands. Why delay your destined departure for her? What makes her so special?"

"She just is, and you said you wouldn't laugh. Anyways help me in wooing her. I'm sure you can do something with your wizardly ways. Of course I know magic can't affect the hearts of others. So I only ask for you to create for me an opportunity or two."

"No, I can most certainly tamper with the hearts of other with my magic. Just say the word and she is yours, presto," he snapped his fingers and from it tiny fireworks popped out.

"No way, I'm not going to spend the rest of my days with a mind controlled zombie. It's either my way or no way. You agree or not?"

The wizard didn't have much of a choice, only one one and only hero king was born every 100 hundred years. Well, he did have a choice, but being the wizard he was, he refused to waste another 100 years waiting or looking.

"Fine." With that the the wizard shook the hand offered to him by the farmhand boy, and with it sparks flew from their intertwined hands until they teleported. They were now in the garden area of a smallish castle. Arthur looked around, confused. The wizard said, "Okay, she's up in that balcony, let's do this."

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    1. Lunnear Sep 17, 2018
      Oh this is interesting.
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    2. Silver Snake Sep 16, 2018
      @Emmyy Just for you, my next story won't be sad, angsty, generic, or boring. I'll make sure it doesn't make you snore.
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    3. Silver Snake Sep 16, 2018
      @Emmyy Oh, I thought you were threatening me...
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      @Tycheri because I was teasing you haha.. :p
    5. Silver Snake Sep 16, 2018
      @Emmyy Why did you delete it? I thought it was a great poem!
    6. Silver Snake Sep 16, 2018
      @Emmyy I could never possibly trouble you. Remember 'Self realization comes from within'
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      @Emmyyy yeah, that just makes it sound like you have no idea what you are talking about
    8. Emmyy Sep 16, 2018
      @Tycheri I said 'you might realize' if you reread your work..Self realization comes from within..*meahhh*