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Our scene opens on an open plain. There are streaks of lightning and balls of fire flying across the field. All emanating from two individuals. One is dressed in black, the other red. Between blasts of arcane energy the mages gasped heavily for breath.

The black mage said to the red mage, "We've been doing this for too long. The world can not sustain itself in the presence of two archmages. How many civilizations have burned because of our squabbling?"

The red mage responded, "If one of us would bow to the other or stay hidden in the shadows none of this would have happened. But you know we can't. If we see someone with the potential be be more powerful we fight to snuff the other out, it is simply our nature. As is the nature of kings to fight for neighboring territory."

"You're right, and that's why I have to finish this."

The black mage clasped his hands tightly together, then opened them. Within the opening of his hands a black speck appeared. This black speck grew to the size of a baseball and surrounding it was a vacuum that seemed to pull everything toward it, including the very light surrounding it. As the ball grew larger it became increasingly difficult for the black mage to control.

The red mage said, "What the hell is that!? Space magic? You know space-time magic is strictly forbidden. The fabric of reality could be shattered from the tiniest miscalculation of manipulation."

Straining for breath the black mage said, "And this... this is how I'll finally become stronger than you. You don't want to take risks, you're a coward."

"And you are a fool."

The black ball now had a diameter of three meters. When the black mage was about to lose control of it, and be pulled by its crushing force, he you used the remains of his mana to manifest a force field that pushed it toward the red mage. Seeing the torrent of limitless energy rushing towards him, the red mage did not run or waver. He gathered all the magical energy inside and surrounding his body. He knew if he didn't do something about this... thing, something unimaginably worse than anything he witnessed before would happen.

I might have enough power to cancel it out, but I'll need to come into physical contact with it, the red mage thought. Not enjoying the idea of being overpowered, he opted to jump into it instead of it pulling him in.

The red mage lunged toward the black hole, he was pulled right into it. Once in the center of it the red mage concentrated his mana. He had no idea how this black hole worked with his understanding of the world's science and magic, for it had been an unexplored field. At this moment the red mage thought to himself perhaps he may have been wrong, perhaps everything should have been given a look. In the recesses of his mind he looked at a faint memory of teleportation magic, not portal magic, but true teleportation.

He theorized that he would need something that would have an opposite and equal force in order to disperse this black hole's horizontal pull. But to create something with such mass was, well, honestly speaking, out of his wheel house. His only hope was to teleport a large enough chunk of the black whole to somehow destabilize and then disperse it.

The red mage extracted all of his available mana into his casting of teleportation. In the next moment a sizable chunk of the black hole he was within vanished and with it it began its collapse. In the next moment the red mage felt like his entire being was simultaneously being stretched apart and smashed together.

The red mage awoke, his back to a cement ground. He attempted to see his surroundings, but when he opened his eyes all he could see were blurry shapes. He had to rely on his ears and what he heard was the murmuring of many onlookers. He couldn't understand their language. Barraged by unfamiliar things all around and at once he attempted to use flight magic to escape to the skies.

In failing to do so he remembered his empty mana reserves. Unable to do anything with such hindered eyesight he covered his eyes in hopes that it would ease their transition. As his eyes adapted he saw towering building that seemed to scrape the skies. Bright lights radiating from these building in countless arrays. And gigantic screens that displayed moving pictures plastered on the buildings as well. The people were staring at and photographing him, creating countless flashing lights, hindering his already sub-par vision.

To them he said, "Get back at once! I have no quarrel with any of you!" To the people, all they heard was ques bark ak all u vase un cowel ith on in vertay. This simply made them more interested in this stranger that spontaneously popped out in midair into the most inhabited city at its busiest time (which was often). Though the mage would not come to know of it in some time, he was transported to our world.


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    1. Silver Snake Sep 20, 2018
      @Emmyy Honestly, I thought you were trying to communicate to me in an indirect way which lead to a misunderstanding. And yeah, I'm sure long distance relationships of your sort can be draining. Oh, and no, I'm not currently working on a continuation. I think once I get up to 10 oneshots I'll make a poll and let the people decide which one is worth continuing.
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    2. Emmyy Sep 20, 2018
      I like this, are you working on it more ? I apologize for recent blogs, comments I have been in a state of disarray lately because I miss someone very much.. not a good reason but there ya go..
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    3. Silver Snake Sep 17, 2018
      @Lunnear Thank you very much for expressing your interest! *bows*
    4. Lunnear Sep 17, 2018
      Watch and wait for more chapter or blogs
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