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I just need to put this somewhere. It's nowhere done yet. It's more of a theory thing at this point. I already have a character name though. That's a good sign, right?

I got stuck on the real story. Probably because I didn't wrote it down while it was still fresh on my mind....:notlikeblob::notlikeblob:

Hmm... I wonder if I should really finish this one :blobawkward:

"Flynt, why is your [Glass Heart] so weird?" A seemingly innocent question echoed loudly in the corridor and suddenly, it all felt too quiet.

My 10 year old boy self looked up from the book he's reading and with scrunched brows, he asked, "What do you mean weird?"

"Your [Glass Heart] is so weird! Everyone else's [Glass Heart] only has one color and yet yours is like a pool of different paint. It's so ugly," replied the girl.


That day, I lost my only friend.

I should have known; special things get special treatment. And special treatment isn't always a good thing.

[Glass Hearts].

No one knew where they came from. No one knew what they're made off. But there's one thing clear, they tell more about a person than anything else could.

A [Glass Heart], like the name implies, is heart-shaped material with a glass-like appearance. Each one is distinctly different from one another, from color to fine details. This was only possible because a [Glass Heart] have this otherworldly quality that associates a specific Impression to it.

For example, there might be two people that have near identical tangerine colored [Glass Heart] on their sleeves, but everyone could tell right away that they are different. One gives an impression of innocent foolishness, while the other makes one think of pipe dreams.

[Glass Hearts] have been a huge part of the Norfolk's history and culture. Now, it's even impossible to imagine how not having a [Glass Heart] felt like. But what makes it so special?

A [Glass Heart] only appears exactly five years after a child is born. A mysterious light will come out of the child's chest and travels slowly to his right sleeve. Little by little, the tiny orb of white light will shape itself until a heart is formed, floating inches away from the body. Then, suddenly, a blinding colored light will pour out from the [Glass Heart]'s center and spread outward until the whole heart is perfectly stained with that ethereal color.

The whole process takes nothing more than a few minutes. And the people of Norfolk call this once in a lifetime phenomenon "The [Glass Heart] Awakening" or more popularly "The Norfolk Awakening".

A Norfolk without a [Glass Heart] is not a Norfolk!

"Bullshit," mumbling to myself, I turned my head and looked outside the window.

In front, the guest speaker continues to rave on about the greatness of [Glass Hearts]. While he did recite facts, his fanaticism is leaking in his voice. So unsightly.

In truth, there are two major things that makes a [Glass Heart] special. One, it shows a person's emotions in real time through its light fluctuations, making it practically impossible for a person to lie. Sometimes, even if the person himself is not sure about his feelings, the [Glass Heart] manages to pinpoint his exact emotional state. Two, it's color, luminosity and impression tells on a person's strength, weakness, attitude and lineage. The deeper the color, no matter what it's hue, the more superior the person is destined to be.

Welcome to Norfolk: The Place Where You Are Judge By The Intangible Colored Heart On Your Sleeve!

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    1. HNCKrstl Oct 10, 2018
      It's beautiful... (y):aww: I can't help but wonder what my [Glass Heart] would look like.
      Or, if I'd have one or not...!
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    2. Emmyy Oct 9, 2018
      Interesting concept ! :)
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    3. Silver Snake Oct 9, 2018
      If the story was really good I'm sure it would have stuck in your mind. Or - or it could still come back to you any second now! *waits a second* Okay, not that second but - *waits another second* Okay! That's not what I mean! *cough cough* Anyways, I hope you keep on writing(if you want to)!
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