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Hello, I'm Bored. Bored is feeling bored at the moment so Bored made this blog.
Bored doesn't know what to blog about...

I'll just see if anyone is willing to entertain me by answering a Wwyd?
The stars swim languidly in a pool of night in the sky above.
Wind brushes your hair timidly, as if to console you.

Today you are to be given your divine vocation in the magical arts.
This is only done once every generation and takes great strength to complete.
It requires one to enter a realm and defeat a monster of their own creation. This ordeal isn't too hard.
After all, you all were trained to kill stuff from the moment you stepped on campus.

However, on the night before this day, you were given a divination that your's would fail.
That a monster would be born from you. One to tear the heavens apart.

It is 7:30am. All students of the academy are to prepare themselves until noon. This is free time.

At noon, teachers will search the academy and dormitory for students before guiding them to a large
church-like building. They will do their best to encourage students to attend. Be it kindly or rudely.

Within the large church-like building, an hour long speech will be given to the students.
From then on students are sent to a magical realm to receive their gifts. If you join them, you receive death.

After some time, staff will be preparing things around campus for an obligatory celebration when some of the students return.

Goal of OC/You: Fake entrance into the magical realm. Avoid staff of the academy.

Feel free to write whatever the heck you want with this. That includes bad ends. If there are any questions, just ask me.

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    1. Silver Snake Oct 10, 2018
      I would try to change myself in order for the monster born from myself to be different.
      • Pretend to be deathly sick
      • Get off of school grounds, failing that hide until the ceremony is over
      • Importune a teacher or student proficient in illusion to help me by telling them about the oracle
      That's all I have at the moment.
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    2. Silver Snake Oct 10, 2018
      It's like a writing prompt. That's nice.
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