Chemistry is Lyf

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Bad Storm

"Quiero ver bailar tu pelo; Quiero ser tu ritmo"
Blog Posts:
I look out the window
And everyone's rushing about
People to meet, places to go
A sigh escaped from my mouth

Beyond the glass, there's a world out there
A world just inches away from me
But who have the leisure to care
I still have an exam in chemistry
That feeling when you finished the exam earlier than the time allotted and there's nothing else to do but stare blankly somewhere *sigh*

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    1. Bad Storm Oct 11, 2018
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    2. Pandamonic Oct 11, 2018
      When you stare blankly at the air,
      And it stared back like an abyss.
      Wanting to devour your conciousness,
      Submerging you in solitude,
      That is what the world out there hold.
      Pure pitch blackness,
      So dont stare to long else the dark notice.
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    3. Silver Snake Oct 11, 2018
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    4. Bad Storm Oct 11, 2018
      @Tycheri Hmm.... I'll just check it in pc after I arrive home
    5. Silver Snake Oct 11, 2018
      @Bad Storm That's weird. It works fine for me. Maybe it's blocked to your country?
    6. Bad Storm Oct 11, 2018
    7. Silver Snake Oct 11, 2018
      You can see the image if you right click it or hold it on a phone, and choose open in new tab.
    8. Emmyy Oct 11, 2018
      Haha lab experiments.. fond memories:p
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