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I’m in town, I’ve done what I needed to do today and now I’m just walking around and chilling. Looking ahead of me what do I see? A man with his right hand down the front in his jeans. And no, I don’t mean in his pocket. Now normally I wouldn’t think anything. I often see soms guys doing this. But today something occurred to me.

Like I said I often see guys doing this. And usually it’s the kind of guys who think they’re bad boys. You know the type. They call each other bro, blud or fam etc. And when they meet they shake hands, high five each other or bump fists.

Now imagine this scenario. Or maybe you don’t wanna...

Person A walks down the streets. He had his hand down the front of his jeans at one point. And then there’s Person B walking down the street from the opposite direction. He had his hand down the front of his jeans at one point as well. They meet, and it’s all hey blud, hand shake, fist bump etc.

I’m sure they’re both wearing underwear or boxers, but still, hands down that area, touching their junk and then it’s hey let’s shake hands....am I the only one thinking ew?


    1. amilhs Jan 9, 2019
      Its kind a funny to me.xD lol
    2. Clozdark Jan 9, 2019
      and a new yaoi doujin was born here
    3. akki Jan 8, 2019
    4. hayyan Jan 8, 2019