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Hi hi hi! It looks like I can ramble today, so at least it won't be poems every day!
I woke up at 4 am today, because I've been procrastinating, yo~!
I've sort of realized over time that I'm not really productive at all after 9pm. Working is impossible!
So last night I just decided to go to bed super early and wake up in the morning hours.
For some reason that works better for me. If I'm going to waste time at night anyways,
maybe it's just better to sleep early. In either case, I will try to keep doing this until I've
finished this evil project.

I really dislike the feeling of being unproductive. Have you ever looked at the clock and felt horrible
about yourself because it's 11:00 PM and you didn't do anything the entire day?
It's a really sickening feeling when you've lost a day to nothingness. Procrastination is evil!
In either case, the past few weeks have been a little like that for me.
The battle against procrastination is fierce, and I will resume my charge soon!
Sun-tze says you must know thyself before knowing thy enemy,
although in this case I am my own worst enemy. XD

I feel like this is more often the case than not.
I can't remember the last time someone else was my enemy.
Obviously, I'm too aweshum at being a villainess (heroines go poof!)
In either case, it looks like I gotta fight my own nightmares.
I'm sure many of you all can relate?

PS. I recently tried playing Don't Starve Together with Haru.
Nightmare Fuel is apparently useful!
I'm too scared to go hunting for them though XD


    1. Bad Storm Mar 11, 2019
      My body clock is a mess...
      Well, if it makes you feel better, I had a four-hour nap yesterday afternoon.
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    2. villainess Mar 11, 2019
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    3. Bad Storm Mar 11, 2019
      As a person that sleeps at 12 and wakes up at 4, I feel strangely offended by this blog...
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    4. Dionysus_GZ Mar 11, 2019
      I'm trying to slove my procrastinating problem too..I think I'm afraid things aren't perfect, so I can't start..:facepalm:
      PS. The saying of Sun-tze in Chinese is “知己知彼,百战不殆”. :blobsmilehappyeyes:
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    5. TwilightForest Mar 11, 2019
      Of course you didn't:D
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    6. villainess Mar 11, 2019
      Exposed myself? XD of course not! I haven’t even been hiding in the first place
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    7. TwilightForest Mar 11, 2019
      Procrastinating hah! Why don't you just say that you rolled around Disc too much?
      Same with me, too :notlikeblob::notlikeblob::notlikeblob:
      You kinda exposed yourself, dear:blob_grin:
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