The One and Only Hero King Part 2

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“Wait, wait, wait, wait. What’s going on? Where are we?”

“Is it not obvious?” The wizard gestured to their surroundings. “We’re in the garden of the manor of the young lady you mentioned.”

“How is that obvious? How did you even know who or where she was?”

“I’m a wizard. From now on, every time you ask me how I do something I’m going to answer you I’m a wizard, okay?”

Arthur stared hard at the wizard and thought, mmm, okay.

The wizard answered, “Great! Now let’s get this show movin’!”

The wizard picked up a nearby pebble and was about to throw it at the balcony window when Arthur said, “Wait! What are you doing!?”

The wizard said, “What do you mean what? I’m going to get her attention. This is what they always do in the stories, right?”

“Are you mad? You can’t just go up to a girl and talk to her. That’s insanity!”

“Well, what do you suggest?”

“Okay, here’s my plan. You use your magic to make the crops grow better than ever this season. We wait until next season, when they're ripe for picking, and collect them. When the lord of the land hears of this he’ll be so happy that he’ll just have to summon my pops for a report on why things are going so good. And obviously, I’ll be tagging along. It’s the perfect plan!”

“Ugh, that seems overly complicated. I mean, we’re here; she’s over there. What’s the issue?”

Arthur gave an exasperated sigh and said, “You have no tact! You can’t just talk to a girl! The first thing she’ll ask is why I’m here!”

“Why are you here?” asked a girl from the upper balcony. She wore a dress with intricate embroidered designs, on her wrists were silver bracelets, and displayed prominently over her chest was a ruby encrusted necklace. Her chestnut hair flowed down from her head like a fountain, obfuscating her eyes. Her hazel eyes seemed to Arthur as if she were looking right through him. And that smile of hers, it seemed so small, yet at the same time very pleased.

Arthur looked around. There was no wizard in sight. Inwardly, Arthur sighed in relief. That’s one less question, thought Arthur. He quickly turned back to the girl, almost forgetting her entirely.

He said, “O, fair lady, doth thee knoweth thine name?”

“Do I know my name? Why are you talking like that?”

“Is that not how nobles normally talk? Whenever I went to the city I only ever heard nobles talking like that.”

“They must have been quoting a play or something. No one really talks like that unless they’re in a formal event, like a crowning or knighting.”

Arthur nodded in understanding, “I suppose that makes sense. It seems awful confusing.”

“So why are you here?”

Arthur tried to think up any number of possible excuses: He was lost, He had to talk to the lord for some important thing regarding the farm, A chicken was chasing him. But in that moment, looking at her as the light from her room shined down upon him in the darkened garden, he could only think about her and said, “I came here to talk to you.” After saying so he gave a warm, gentle smile.

The lady was so surprised by the genuine, blatant truth of his words that she crouched on the spot, hiding her reddened face in her knees. What is he thinking saying such a thing! she thought.

In the past other sons of lords would only talk to her in one of two ways. They were either sons of neighboring lords who thought it was matter of course that she should like them and that they like her or the other type that were sons of lower nobles who were always unctuous in trying to gain favor with her family and not really her. Yes, in truth, she was quite inexperienced in love.

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