The One and Only Hero King Part 3

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“Um, are you okay? ” asked Arthur.

Guinevere was so lost in reminiscing her past experiences that she almost didn’t hear him, except for the last syllable of “ay” he said. In response she shot back up like a soldier ordered to attention. Proper etiquette was something she was schooled in since childhood and because of this her posture and head level were absolutely perfect, making Arthur forget about her momentary lapse of attention and again admiring her noble countenance.

A hundred thoughts raced through her head in order to process what she had just heard. She recalled a memory of her five year old self sitting in the lap of her father, being bounced. After this bouncing her father raised her in the air and swung her around. Oh, how she enjoyed it. To her, it felt as if she were flying. And after doing this her father placed her back on his lap, and told her, “Remember, if a boy ever tries to get friendly with you it’s a devious trick in order to ensnare you into a plot against the crown.”

At that age she had no idea what devious or ensnare meant but she recalled how serious her father’s eyes were. Eyes likes a lone soldier, staring down the last remnant of the enemy force, ready to die for his cause, but more importantly, ready to kill. Strangely enough, Guinevere wasn’t particularly frightened by those eyes at the moment, as it felt to her as if they were looking at something past her, far in the distance, but all too close for her father.

It’s a devious trick, she thought and then looked back at Arthur determined not to blush or fall for any of his tricks. Now that Guinevere looked at him again, she noticed how large his shoulders were and seeing his face again she could only think of that smile he gave her. Again she crouched on the spot, hiding her reddened face in her knees.

After standing up again she managed to say, “I-I won’t fall for any of your tricks!” while gripping at her dress's skirt intensely with both her hands and turning her head a full 90 degrees away from Arthur's face.

I knew it. There’s no way it could have worked out. A girl like her could never like a guy like me, Arthur thought. Then he said, “I’m sorry for bothering you.” and turned to leave. When Guinevere noticed this she suddenly said, “Wait!” with an outstretched hand as if to pull him back, and continued, “Are you not trying to trick me into some devious pot?”

He replied, “What? What for?”

She said in a near whisper, “Um, to, um, overthrow the crown…”

“What? Why would I do that? That sounds silly.”

That does sound silly! thought Guinevere in agreement. It doesn’t make any sense! Why would this - she looked back at Arthur who was dressed in common peasant’s garb - fine young man want my assistance in a scheme against the crown? Realizing the ridiculousness of her previous thoughts and questions, she reorganized herself again, throwing away any and all of her previous suspicions and hesitation.

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