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So, hi! This is Nyan's third blog post.

Nyan has got quite a good response from her last two blogs. Thank you for your good reviews! They are a big motivation for me :blobsnow::blobsnow::blobsnow::blobsnow:

Some have also asked me to write more blogs, and sure! Why not? Nyan likes this too. :blobtaco: And also I am not afraid of this...

Some may know that Nyan has repeatedly told, she has a fear of creating (general chat) threads. Yes, it's true, or else what do you call it when your heart beats wildly, your breath feels uncomfortable, your brain feels muddled and you're sweaty and low-key start shivering?

I don't have the same feeling when I create a Novel thread probably because I can predict how people will react. It will be a tame purposeful discussion. However General chat threads have the potential for a lot of exposure, hence lot of likes (my bae) and a lot of criticism as well. Or else they are extremely boring (come on! Drama is laifu!)

But it seems Nyan has received quite a good response from her recent general chat threads. And nyan is very grateful for that!!! But I still, it doesn't convince me enough to create more...

Maybe because in those threads i am afraid to be myself. And I think too much. "What if they think my thread is shit?", "What if nobody replies to it?", "What if I receive no likes?", "What if I get reported?"

But on the other hand it feels like in blogs I can "be myself". I can rant out my feelings and feel safe because it doesn't get much exposure. Can call it my "NUF diary"?

So, yes! This is all it's about this time! I will be writing more! Lol I might start writing every hour cause I have to fill up waaay too many entries in this "NUF diary". And may even drop in some real life incidents...

Look forward to more!

Thanking you,


    1. setsuna3025 Mar 15, 2019
      LOLOLOPLOLOLOL u r thinkin too muchhhhhhhhh lolol i did not say its ur problem LOLOLOL :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    2. Nyan sempai Mar 15, 2019
      @setsuna3025 thing is THEY like it... I am the one who thinks they won't.. orz so it's definitely my problem.
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    3. setsuna3025 Mar 15, 2019
      ohhhhhhhhhh well just think it as if they like it den ok if not den tat is thier problem not urs :blobcheeky: well slowly lo ahha one step at a time
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    4. Ms Otter Mar 15, 2019
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    5. Nyan sempai Mar 15, 2019
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    6. Ms Otter Mar 15, 2019
      @Nyan sempai take it slow~
      i'm sure you'll post a very fun thread one day~
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    7. Nyan sempai Mar 15, 2019
      @Ms Otter Thank you!
      Thing is the threads I post may have the potential of being very interesting. But what if fear holds me back? I have some good ideas... I just hope someday I will implement them...
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    8. Ms Otter Mar 15, 2019
      @Nyan sempai yes~ don't think you're weird for fearing posting a thread ne~?
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