The Four Personality Types (Hippocrates -400 B.C.)



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Strengths: warm, friendly, outgoing, witty, optimistic and fun to be around -the life of the party. Good at communications, public relations, entertainment, and short burst of energy. Basically, a people person.
Weaknesses: can be superficial, quickly discouraged and easily hurt by rejection. Often covers up deep feelings of inferiority and inadequacy with a happy-go-lucky facade.

Strengths: imaginative, creative, sensitive and artistic -a real lover of beauty, solitude, and perfection. Usually quiet, gentle and philosophical. Able to concentrate, feel deeply, go to the heart of things, stay at something a long time and remain calm in adversity. Basically, an ideal person.
Weaknesses: can be moody, touchy, withdrawn, and extremely shy. Easily hurt by broken relationships and capable of extreme depression. Tendency to escape from reality and relationship into themselves.

Strengths: strong, self-confident, disciplined, determined and dedicated, usually successful in whatever is undertaken. Good at organizing, taking risks, planning great endeavors and following through with zeal. Basically, a born leader.
Weaknesses: can be cruel, sarcastic, hot-tempered and intolerant. Sometimes ruthless, unscrupulous, insensitive and often "burn out" before life is over.

Phlegmatic (SUPER FRIEND)
Strengths: easygoing, likable, dependable, loyal, ever cautious, conservative and practical. A good follower, friend and partner for a strong-willed person. Inclined toward unselfish service, peace-making and the simple life. Basically, a support person.

Weaknesses: can be lazy, half-hearted, easily stepped on and abused by the other personalities. Often has deep feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth.


    1. MasterCuddler May 3, 2019
      Wow I can definitely picture some old myth characters as the personality. And they fit so well with the time period
    2. AMissingLinguist Apr 10, 2019
      - 400 BC? :hmm::hmm::hmm: You mean 399 AD? :blobhyperthink::blobhyperthink::blobhyperthink:
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    3. SummerForest Apr 10, 2019
      @Blitz, perhaps it's the oldest personality classification available. Lol you can't mix & match the categories, and probably that's why it's considered to be not-so-flexible.
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    4. Blitz Apr 10, 2019
      Interesting. Never seen this old classification system before.
      I'd put myself as a mix of phlegmatic and melancholy
    5. SummerForest Apr 10, 2019
      *pats doggo* @Bad Storm it seems none of the four fits any of us~
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    6. Bad Storm Apr 10, 2019
      @TwilightForest, help me. I can't seem to decided which of the four is me.... xD
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