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Your Favourite Family Disappointment, Male
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People create novels for escapism.
They create people who transmigrate, who reincarnate, who is OP asf.
The current society abhors killing. Yet sometimes we think that some people are worth being hacked to pieces. So they created MC who is a sociopath. Uncaring, unfeeling, with hordes of females confusing infatuation, admiration and love.

Yet when i read simple historical novels like the grandmaster strategist or even romance novels like legend of minglan, i feel like, i want to believe that reincarnation and transmigration happens.
People, stupid but honest, schemed easily to death not knowing how they died. Greedy people, who albeit greedy, being scapegoat for their masters. Servants who just try to help their masters beaten to death. People being sold as slaves, landed in dishonest household and dying just like that. The masters, who lived. The servants, who died for them. People who make mistakes, who wished they turn back the time to amend them. To live the next life better?

How many desperation, how many regrets?
Isn't the thought that reincarnation/transmigration doesn't exist... truly cruel?