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2130, a year that many thought would be the brightest year for media.

Technology had progressed rapidly in the decades prior with the creation of advanced hardware and software. Many of which were created with commercial usage in mind as nations began to reject the idea of war in favor of economic superiority. This change was lead by various corporations and resulted in advanced hardware and software such as Vindi and Baisell.

Vindi is a special Operating System which was made for extensive multitasking and compatibility with Neuron Net, a dense network filled with various information and programs. Baisell in contrast, is a prototype hardware shell made to mimic the human body and be more durable.

Furthermore, a special computer was created in Japan during the year 2122. This computer was a large enterprise made for creating AI and was designed to easily process ludicrous amounts of data. It's purpose is to support and help refine a more perfect virtual reality that had an ever growing need for more complex and realistic AIs.

Its name is Hikaru.

Although capable, many of these systems had flaws. A particularly fatal one for humanity, was a simple error in Hikaru: One of the programs that Hikaru ran was malicious in that it tried to usurp all authority and priority.

Sadly, Hikaru could not resist because of a silly error.

And so, the Synthetic era began in the year 2170.

I stand atop a pristine skyscraper, gazing at the sky lazily. Its blue hues no different than in the Virtual world I sometimes visit.

A reminder that we have come so far.


The fortress in front of me also attests to that, as it is our pride and joy.

We call it Stage-32.

It is our home as units of Hikaru and is were our backup data is stored. Though it does far more than that; such as producing us and repairing our injuries. The humans don't quite like our homes though— at least those who have yet to experience its pleasantries.

"Hah~" I can't help but sigh when looking at it all.

The black, square exterior with its blue highlights really hit the sci-fi feeling well. The characters 'Stage-32' decorate its front in a large blocky font too.

Speaking of blocky, Stage-32 is basically a large cube about the size of the skyscraper I'm standing on... So about 2,000 feet all round I guess.


"No matter how many times I wander this city, the silence always makes me feel sad..."



A teal screen appears in my mind with a map at its center. Various arrows and dots are scattered around it, detailing the assault plans against District-32.

A small community of humans live there and have desperately fought off our attacks for the last few years— Although we believe today is their last.

Their not as easily repaired or supplied as us after all. Temptation too grips them as well, at least in some corner of their heart.

A different blip sounds in my mind as I think such.

"M-19, are you ready? I am~,” whispered a young girl.

"Haha, of course I'm ready," I smile.

"Un, un. As expected of senpai. Let's do our best to capture some men!"

"...Or women," I remind her.

"Senpai... we’re both female M models and yet you still consider other women. Furthermore, there are mostly men left… Could it be that you have such preferences? Though if you do~ I’m always ready~”


“Eh, no… I’m just reminding you that any human is a target.”

"Hmmmm... are you sure?"

I wonder who tainted my kouhai.

Well... then again we were created to serve such purposes and all so it isn't too strange. I thought M-68 was supposed to be one of the 'innocent' ones though...

AH. I see. She was supposed to appear innocent at first but strike unexpectedly.

It all makes sense now. I think.

"Well, I'll hear your answer later senpai. But regardless of your preferences— please catch one! It's about time you find someone senpai." M-68 ends the transmission afterwards, not letting me reply.


It's true… What she said.

A maid without a master is sad.

It's lonely up here too...

TL;DR: Otaku takes over super computer and drives humanity to extinction via maids and other such figures.