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Time Waste Co. has brought out their newest waste product for all to see. Guaranteed to be terrible, or have a cookie in recompense.

It is time. The day has come where I must clean the ballroom.

It will be hard. It will be arduous. And it will be with the aid of a friend. Thank you divines of anime and house keeping. I shall remember this blessing with a promise of returning this favor. Probably.

To explain, It all started a few days ago. During the week of lazy procrastination of mine when I said I was doing less rooms in preparation for the ballroom.

~High-Quality Flashback~

It was Monday afternoon, I had prepared some tea and was relaxing in the entrance hallway. Strangely, this mansion didn't have some large opening room with stairs to the second floor at the front as the first room. Instead, that room was at the center of the mansion and connected nearly all parts of the mansion together.

But as I was saying, I was drinking some tea behind the front door for no reason in particular. I could've done this anywhere else but I've been doing some sort of rotation recently. One day I will relax in the large ballroom, the next might be a storage room, and the day after in one of the many overgrown gardens.

I thought today was going to be just as uneventful as the last... but—

Knock! Knock!



"えっと... 誰かいますか?"

A girl said something with a flat tone. Did she ask a question?


"Hello...?" I opened the door.

"お... He-row?"


It was an interesting conversation that no doubt would've reduce my IQ should I think about it anymore.

Anyway, through broken english I learned that she came here to ask about the mansion. Something along the lines of, "Can I work here?"


Of course I hired her. Why wouldn't I?

I still get a large monthly allowance from my father and his friend pays me everyday. Apart from being able to pay a person's salary, I also want to see this place off while it's in a respectable state. Cause... ya' know...
I can't clean properly.

And so, we now have another worker at the mansion. She's even staying in one of the many rooms here. Although, I'm honestly very confused about her situation since she literally walked to a dilapidated mansion and asked to work there.

She's quite young too. A runaway?

Except, she's very adept at cleaning... and she brought her own maid outfit with her...


I'll ask later. Or maybe this is just a dream.

Sitting across from me is the black haired maid, the two of us drinking the finest tea that the Emporium had to offer. I have no clue what it's called but it's definitely some kind of green tea. Well... Apart from the tea, there were other interesting things that happened today.

First off, a day had passed since she arrived and I got her to explain her circumstance. More or less... Some bits here and there was lost to interpretation, but that's not important.

Apparently her family has in eras past, been a household of servants to local lords as they come and go. They value this as their pride and continue to train their children in the art of hospitality and obedience. Drilling various skills into them at a young age such as calligraphy and cleaning, these skills have expanded in modern times to a large variety of things.

Though capable they may be, there isn't many people who would hire a servant. At least not many non-perverts. And especially not the average person considering the cost of hiring someone so skilled. I know I said I'd hire her and everything would be fine... But I'm getting really close to not having cash to spare for games and manga now.

Going back to little missy here though... It seems she wanted to put her skills to good use since she has nothing else worth doing. Her family doesn't seem to mind either as there shouldn't be too much concern for someone who was trained since birth in CQC.

I wonder if firearms is included in that...?

Anyways, she found this mansion and on the off chance of there being someone here, she knocked.

And so now where here, after she had explained everything. She also explained about her poor english too, which was a result of negligence on her part. Although it seems her family also doesn't place too much importance in it since they've only had Japanese people in mind when it comes to serving.


It seems I've been thinking for a bit too long.

"So regarding your pay...?" I ask thinking about how much will fly out of my pocket. In response, she thinks for a few moments before saying—

"It is fine with half of what is— was said. Food and shelter provided among other joys is supplement to it."

Is it me or did she become more articulate? I guess she was just surprised when she met me.

I can understand. I am a ghost after all.

Wait no, I mean I look like a ghost.

Jokes aside though, what to do...? I could use some more tea actually.

"That's great! Consider yourself hired. Well, I'll go and brew another pot then." Before I even stand up though, she says "Wait, could we obtain better tea? This is unsatisfactory."

Sooo... little missy doesn't like tea from the grand Emporium? To be expected. Also...

Her english isn't bad actually, it just feels very proper and every now and then she mixes up some words for less appropriate ones. Like when she said joy instead of entertainment.

Whatever, this much I can easily live with.

She speaks again, "I could show you to some better teas. お茶ホール. It is not distant."

O chay haurue? What? O chay Hall?

"Uh, sure. We can go get some right now."

"Thank you."

Please enjoy your day.png

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