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As children we start the voyage with many things. We are being sheltered, have innocence, and joy. Our time on Earth just beginning. The boat being sailed by our guardians from the shore to the calm and serene sea.

As youths our world view expands. We leave our guardians behind in the shore. With us taking control of the boat and sailing towards the white beacon of our dreams and ambition with enthusiasm. We all try to sail towards the white beacon floating off in the distance with the calm sea guiding us towards the beacon. However, the sea is unpredictable and can become rough and choppy leaving you astray in a storm.

As adults we now confidently assume control of the boat still unaware of the dangers awaiting us. Still striving to the beacon of our dreams. As we approach the beacon the sea becomes more agressive and rought deviating us from our course and carrying us towards the trials of life. With only our willpower to save us from a dark and tragic fate and make it towards the beacon.

With old age we have survived the trials of life. The boat is battered but the sea is finally calm once again. The sea finally flowing into the river of eternity. We have finally reached the end of our time. We become joyous with the knowledge that we made through the sea with our willpower. The river is clear guiding us to a lush mountains and warm sunshine. Bringing our journey to an end

In the end we are all rowing the boat in sea of life with waves that never seem to stop coming just to reach the other side.


    1. Bad Storm May 10, 2019
      When someone ask me how to describe my life, I usually describe it as something like this:

      It's like flying a kite
      While standing on a boat
      Amidst the raging ocean

      One mistake
      That's all it would take
      For my kite to fly away
      Or worse
      For me to drown​
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    2. Avabliss May 10, 2019
      But in the storms of life, some unfortunately drown and sink, to never appear again.
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    3. orematcha May 10, 2019
      I feel like in the middle of the storm, trying to keep my boat stable even though the sea keep pushing me down. I'm afraid of drowning, but at some point I'm starting to wonder maybe jumping into the sea wasn't a bad idea.
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