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So this is a pet peeve of mine in the forums, whenever I post or see a post in the I'm Looking for... section with recommendations prefix.

You would always see someone replying a link to a tag of what you are asking for.

I mean I understand it would be easier that way to check out the stories using the tag but I mean come on I want a recommendation I want to read a novel someone really enjoyed reading.

You must be thinking, well you could filter out high rating novels and check those out.

Okay first, honestly you cannot trust the ratings on NU, there are a lot of hidden gems that are ranked lower than they should be.

and Let's be honest no one really uses the rating system. (What I think.)

Also, the reviews there sucks, it ruins the experience of reading the novel.

But if I don't how will I know it's a good read? right?

That's why I turn to the forums so I could ask honest opinion and good recommendations besides it's the start of a good conversation.

So this all I want to say. I'm just ranting away and I'm probably in the wrong but I don't care lol.

Truthfully, I only opened this topic because I got slightly offended when someone replied to my thread with a tag link. "Excuse me, I'm a modern owl who can navigate through the internet perfectly, I don't need you to teach me how to use the tags." I mean seriously, don't you think I've tried doing that? you should see my browser and see how many tabs I have opened so I can search using the tags.:facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::blob_pout::blob_pout:


    1. R0 May 12, 2019
      Yup this pisses me off too.
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    2. Clozdark May 12, 2019
      Don't trust reviews,don't trust tags, old methods where you test taste it first 10 chapter usually don't go wrong.
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