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Kat's Catalogue of Plants and Alchemic Raw Materials~
*Notes: everyone is free to add new materials, new descriptions about already created materials and also new uses, feel free to do anything just make an post or comment with what you want to add to the Catalogue and link a GM from New AG to confirm if it can be officially made.*
PS: new forms of identification for the material are very welcome, you may notice that many of the identification methods described Bellow are through smell, that is due the fact that I made the catalogue as if they were notes from my character and she has a very powerful sense of smell so some of those may or may not be valid methods for your character.


Bloodmoss - Unlike what the name gives out blood moss isn't red, it's actually grey moss. It also has an distinctive acrid smell smell specially when burnt, and is normally found in humid places like rocks and caves near water.

Bloodmoss is an great first aid tool, you can apply the raw moss on the wound and bandage it, the moss will "eat" the infection and help the wound close naturally (tho it's recommend to chance the moss at least once per day)
It's also used in many medicines and balms.

Roots of grass grown in places with abundant Mana - yeah~ yeah~ yeah~ why not just call it Mana grass? Guess what? Cause it isn't the blue thing you call Mama grass but the normal green grass you find everywhere~

Yes, grass isn't useless or at least the ones grown at Mana rich places aren't, its almost impossible to recognize them without ability to sense tiny changes on Mana moviments.
Due the Mana concentration the normal grass mutates and it's roots gain the ability to absorb Mana like nutrients to help the plant grow.
While it's ability to absorb and do anything with said Mana is much weaker than most other magic plants, these roots have some quite unique applications.

First and maybe the only public known one is to make the wild shaman's war paint, the roots can pull Mana but are not able to store it, and thus the paint made with them is able to help shamans regenerate their Mana

They are also the main ingredient to make an substance called "Cognigtus" which has an faint smell of lavanderia mixed with lemons and alcohol.
The knowledge of how to make Cognigtus is usually sealed through seven keys, and almost no one even knows that it exists.
Cognigtus is an half liquid half paste like substance with the ability to absorb micro changes in the Mana, in other words it can erase the residual traces of Mana left by casters and spells.
It's very dangerous substance if it falls on bad hands.

Fire nuts - they are exactly like hazelnuts but with an bright shade of red on it and a bit more oily.
Fire nuts are tasty, very tasty and also very inflammable.
There are many cases of fire starting cause people didn't stored those nuts appropriately.
They have an form of resin which is very useful to make inflammable or explosive substances.

Rock Cactus - have you ever seen an spiky rock? Yeah that is exactly what we are talking about.
They have an impressive earth element affinity and are very useful for any sort of earth related craft, be enchantments or potions.

Heart Cactus - talking about cactus we can't not talk about the heart one.
Those things look like an gross spiky monster and they sound like one too.

They are round, fully covered in spikes and bright red veins, and they pulsate... Yeah... That is where the name comes from.
While they look and sound like monsters they are still plants, but we have some rules when dealing with them.

First never poke them with a stick, like really never do that~
They can and will shot their spikes as soon as you do so~
And their spikes have an special propriety of hindering both mundane and magical healing alike, in fact their spikes are as valuable as the cactus body, people use them to give that Scary property to items they are crafting or enchanting.

Also inside the body of the cactus you will find a core (not an magic stone like from monsters) the core is an red thingy which pulsates, it's used for powerful elixirs because it is full of vital power.

Cold Spikes - Another type of cactus, those ones grow on cold, and dry areas, they have an green-blue pattern and have and sweet smell. Cold Spikes are very useful to make medicines and balms against frostbite and their body actually tastes like watermelon so really tasty.

Maiden's Jar - An carnivorous plant which looks like an jar, they aren't exactly dangerous since they aren't sentient nor do they try to kill people in fact they shouldn't be bigger than 30-50 cm.

Maiden's Jar name came from an old story of how girls of a village were disappearing, at the end of the story they discovered that the girls had found a plant with a very sweet nectar inside and drank from it before getting lost in the dangerous forest.

As the story gives out Maiden's jar nectar is actually an very strong hallucinogenic substance, and even worst it's one that can be absorbed through the skin so you really want to be wearing gloves when dealing with it.

Killer Rabbits - Treasure boxes in form of evil fur balls with horns.
Sure their meat is tasty and their fur sells well, but that is in fact just half of the treasures!
Killer Rabbits diet includes an plant called K'harad one of the plants that you really don't want to get close to since they emit high toxical fumes all around.

So what that has to do with the rabbits? K'harad is very rich in ieiunium an kinda rare substace used for hast potions
Those rabbits can't digest ieiunium so it accumulates inside their internal organs.
So if you pick them and process those parts you can gather a bit of ieiunium.
The process takes about 2 days and even if you can only get small quantities it's still worth it!

Also the powder made from grinding the killer Rabbits horn is said to be aphrodisiac so you can also sell it.

ieiunium or Dancchium - is an very useful alchemical substance, and I really mean VERY useful.
Ieiunium while mostly known as one of the main ingredients for hast potions, can also be added as additional ingredient for other potions.
When used as additional ingredient ieiunium will make the potions have a lower duration but also have an much faster effect.
For example an regeneration potion with ieiunium will heal the user faster than one without it.

Numb Bells - yellow bell shapped flower with sweet camomile like scent, those flowers have an weak toxin which can make the places which touch it numb, it's am extremely useful flower wildly used as base for some of the cheaper painkillers.
You can also munch the raw ones to help with toothaches.

Redpine - an tall pines tree with red bark which strangely has water and life affinities even through it's bark is red.
It has many uses for medicines and maybe even magic involving those affinities.
  • Redpine bark - Redpine bark is very useful to deal with burns, it can help relieve the burnt pains if you wrap it over the burnt place.
  • Redpine sap - Redpine sap is somehow attuned with water and life, it's very useful against burns it will help heal it and also remove some of the pain. They are used in most of the balms for burns.

Colorsap Trees - Trees with an sort of spiritual connection or power, their sap is colored. Extraction methods are complicated only native villagers can get the colors showing properly
Usages are mainly for magic circle writing.
There are many different types and combination so I will list just some of them here:

  • Bluesap - to identify the user as "friend of the nature spirits"
  • Redsap - to "call/ask" spirits to do things according to the written magic circles
  • Blacksap - to allow user to directly communicate with spirits in both visual and auditory
Wild Torches - An variation of Cattails which are easily lit and burn for a long time.
Specialists speculate that a long time ago, Cattails were one of the main food source of an insect called Paralyze fly, a cousin of the Fireflies which covered it's body with electricity/lightening to stun it's predators, thousands of years ago there were so many of those bugs that Cattails were almost extinct but that caused a mutation in some of those plants.
The new variant of Cattails had an high viscosity oil on it's brow part that was inflammable, and when the bug's lightening hit it, the brow part of the plant would lit and burn, setting any nearby bugs on fire, that was how the wild torches came to be.

The wild torches are very interesting plants, while the brow part is inflammable, the stalk is actually not inflammable, making it naturally work as a torch.
The stalk is also used for making baskets, mats and many things.
Unlike normal Cattails the brown part is not edible, but the lower part of it's leaves are, and it's roots can be used with flour to make bread or thicken soups.

Moonfollower - A sunflower like plant which has petals so purple that they are almost black, moonflowers close their petals and look like wilting flowers during the day, but they bloom and follow the moon during the night, they have a sweet smell with a hint of mint's freshness and somehow they survive by absorbing moonlight.

Legends says that the spirit of cold/winter made those flowers as a present for the moon. No one knows if the story is true, but till now a days giving a prayer to the moon is considered the proper process when dealing with them.
While it's considered a good omen to find one, they aren't particularly rare plants, if needed a comparison it's almost like finding a four leaves clover.

Moonfollower seeds are expensive, but almost never sold, that is not only due it's religions connotations but also due the fact that Moonfollowers have the ability to elevate the quantity of Mana around them during the night, in special making easier to cast cold and dark spells.

cirsium multcore - A plant with purple flowers and full of thorns, native from swamps. It's a common plant, but used as catalyst for strong potions or concentrate version of normal potions which will be diluted later.

... (Continues later)