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Ok. So this thing may seriously trigger fujoshis. Maybe. But I think as a fujoshi myself it's fair, and am eligible to complain against something I dislike about my own fandom.

Well... Tbh I thought fujoshis who went to the extremities of actually imagining real guys as a model for their fantasies, didn't exist.

So. Other day I was just saying _the_guy_i_like_ read a BL unknowingly and came to know that it was one much later. Then she asks me if he has a good intuition and if he touches/ helps out his friend... Nyan thought at first she was referring to hand holding... But then later i realised what she meant... By the way she asked she seemed quite sincere (and ignorant) , but I was like.... "...wut?"

Firstly, I already told her that I will never ship him with anyone else. Secondly how the heck am I supposed to know that even if it was possible??? Ofc I didn't bother him with this insane question. Because the op made it clear she was reading too much BL.

And today. I read another blog, asking gay men whether they were seme or uke, and they would like to be a fan of them. By the way it was asked it seemed pretty serious and sincere and ignorant.

Well. I myself ship nuffians left and right. But not for real. Especially never fantasise about their sexual life. Well. I just wish that they knew whats real and what is not real about yaoi. Some plots in yaoi may be realistic, but at the end it's nothing but fantasy. Mostly. And secondly I don't think it is... "moral" to ask (such stupid questions) about someone's sex life in reality like that. Well, when you have any arguements against these suggestions about mine I will just say "Put yourself in their shoes".

Well. But then please don't take this thing to heart if it triggers you. I wrote this out quite sincerely. And the title itself makes a picture of what it's about. If I am wrong then point it out. I didn't create a thread as it may seem like an excuse to cause chaos and baseless. But at the same time I don't wanna disrespect them while giving a "proof".

Well moreover it's just my personal rant...


    1. Nyann Jun 11, 2019
      @Cypress I wonder if they are really ignorant or something? And read so much BL that they don't read news or don't know what's going around in rl around them? SMH...:facepalm:
    2. Cypress Jun 11, 2019
      I agree people should know when to draw the line. I've never quite understood this myself, why people do this, since is one thing if it's fantasy and another thing when it's in real life.
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    3. Nefasdetestasti Jun 11, 2019
    4. Nyann Jun 11, 2019
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    5. Nefasdetestasti Jun 11, 2019
      Respect for respecting other people's life.
    6. Nyann Jun 11, 2019
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    7. Nefasdetestasti Jun 11, 2019
      So much respect for that.

      Respectable Nyan.
    8. XXOOMEPLS Jun 11, 2019
      So it was like that! Teheee! I'm wrong xd

      By the way I'm just kidding about being a grammar nazi.

      I-I-it's not like I was serious or anything like that.
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