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Do what you love. Do it with all your desire. Do it as if you were addicted to it... Do it as this what makes you happy.... Do it as you're meant to do it... Do it either easy and pleasing or hard and confusing... Do things for the greater good... Do it as it's what everyone loves too.... Yes.... Do it and no one can hold you back....

Do it and remember nothing else...

The ones who want to hold you back are of two kinds: haters and lovers. Well, besides the hoard of other facts of reality. But you shouldn't give up on what you love doing... Cause neither would I... That's logical... At least to the mind... But if the heart understood the same... I wouldn't have written this out would I?


    1. Bad Storm Jun 11, 2019
      Rather than misunderstanding, it's more like ignoring the white elephant in the room :blobpeek:
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    2. Pray Alpha Jun 11, 2019
      it's not easy to convey one's perspective to another person...

      We all have our own perspective in play when reading the poem~~
      But nonetheless I really like it :)
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    3. Nyann Jun 11, 2019
      @Pray Alpha it seems a few people understood what I really want to convey in this poem...

      But glad that it means something to you too! :blobparty:
    4. Pray Alpha Jun 11, 2019
      This remind me of Shia Labeouf

      "JUST DO IT!!!"
    5. Effugium Jun 11, 2019
      I hold myself back, els3 i might destroy the world with the power in my right hand :blobtriumph:
    6. Bad Storm Jun 11, 2019
      But I do hold back others by being lazy :blobrofl:
    7. Nyann Jun 11, 2019
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    8. Bad Storm Jun 11, 2019
      Nyan, the sarcasm was so subtle.