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Nami Heartfilia

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It has been hella obvious that I am not too active anymore in this Forum (or anywhere). That's cause my life experienced gaming. Now I've been into mobas: Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor then Onmyoji Arena. But now I gave myself a break from mobas (cause I was terrible at them. Ranking up is hard). Now I'm currently busying myself with a gacha game, rpg, named Onmyoji.

Also, I've actually been secretly lurking here again and noticed the influx of blogs, hence this entry has been born~

Anyways, take care of me, person who is reading this nonsense.

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    1. orematcha Jun 12, 2019
      Ah, Onmyoji... I really like the voice cast... :blobnosebleed:
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    2. 911 Jun 12, 2019
      Happy lurking
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    3. amilhs Jun 12, 2019
    4. Blitz Jun 11, 2019
      Beware Gatchaa's are evil:blob_coughblood:
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    5. Ram5 Jun 11, 2019
      Onee-chan, I extremely miss u *huggles*
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    6. Nyann Jun 11, 2019
      Nyan feels like she herself caused an influx of blogs :blob_coffee:
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    7. Bad Storm Jun 11, 2019
      *stormy lurker mode*
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