RP3 (random poem 3) [Name still up for debate]



[Tiger Of Inconsistent Chaos]
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Looking up at darkness yonder,
Doesnt it just make you ponder...
Do our dreams really correspond,
To those stars far beyond?

To those stars,
Every glance may be the last...
To those dreams of ours,
Maybe we just rushed by too fast...

Nothing stops you running after,
Besides maybe long gone by laughter...
With no rhyme nor reason,
Isnt it like treason...

Done by our very self...
For our eyes, its rainy season,
When our dreams just hide on a shelf...

Doesnt it just make you ponder,
Did it really have to be like this, i wonder...
When hope is no more than a ruse,
With an ever short'nin' fuse...

Could it be, could it be,
Cant you see, cant you see...
The mistakes of our past,
The ones that truly last...

Our past didnt even make a dent?
How come thats how it went?
Were things just really bent?
Was that all it truly meant?
Why cant we even vent?


    1. SummerForest Jun 12, 2019
      As expected from a tiger of chaos and inconsistency!
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    2. Tilgarial Jun 11, 2019
      Jokes aside, i just looked up at the sky~
      Not entirely sure why it went in the direction it did, haha
    3. Tilgarial Jun 11, 2019
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    4. in_awe Jun 11, 2019
      What is this? Are you trying to make me cry? *fake cries*
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