Pieces of The Past



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Pieces of The Past

A touch of the poisoned rose will surely set me free
A glimpse of the fiery sun melts away my dreams
So close yet so far all my goals seemed to be
As I carefully trodded on, on the ground with my knees

How strange that my eyes no longer knows the way
How quickly does the time change the night into day?
How could I have been so sure I would have been safe
How could I, when I have forgotten my very own name

Don't worry, she says as she gently touched my face
Don't fret, she reminded me but I couldn't help but break
Pieces of the past memories surged out with my voice
No! You can't! Those pieces are not for you to take!

Why can't no one hear me when I scream out loud?
Why can't no one lent me a heart when I fall down?
Why is it that the past seems so sweet?
Enticing me to sleep.
I can't help but sleep.

*First time doing a blog. I love poetry so I decided to go with a poem.
**Inspired by a lucid dream --> in a cursed town where they tried to burn me to death because they thought I was evil. Everyone who tried to protect me was forced to die. In the end, I died by fire.


    1. Everlasting Spring Jul 27, 2019
      Maybe when we’re dreaming…we’re more lucid than we're awake. ♫
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    2. in_awe Jun 12, 2019
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    3. Clay. Jun 12, 2019
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    4. Tilgarial Jun 11, 2019
      @in_awe so you DO collect tears!
      Just you try that! Physical pain is easier to ignore compared to emotional pain~
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    5. in_awe Jun 11, 2019
      @Tilgarial Hmph! *tilts jar* It's for tears. But since you're not giving me any, I'll have to beat them out of you~
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    6. Tilgarial Jun 11, 2019
      Haha, nah~ unless I'm already in a sad mood, its almost impossible for me to actually cry, haha
      And whats with the jar?!

      Chaos and craziness are things i can get behind~
      Though, when i try that it usually includes a good dose lf confusion as well, haha
      Dont worry, even evil you is a fluff~
      And no fluff can be completely evil!!
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    7. in_awe Jun 11, 2019
      @Tilgarial Ooo~ are you crying yet *takes out an empty glass jar* Rather than tears, I love to create a chaotic balance in my poems. I love it when I am able to unhinge people's emotions into craziness. Oof, I sound so evil~
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    8. Tilgarial Jun 11, 2019
      And you accuse me of trying to make you cry, hmpfh.
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